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R STABIL is a large, wood-clad litter bin ideal for harbour areas, beaches, service areas and any location where you want an attractive, practical and roomy litter bin. R STABIL has a capacity of 105 litres.

R STABIL is also a bin with sustainability and reduced resource consumption incorporated into its design. The wooden slats are made from waste wood (FSC®-certified mahogany) from HITSA’s production activities. The steel frame has been optimised to use as little material as possible. This makes R STABIL a product offering low consumption of resources. It is therefore also an economical choice of large litter bin, yet still an attractive solution.

The wood gives R STABIL a warm, natural look, which is also fitting for maritime settings.

R STABIL comes in two versions, either with a smooth, hinged lid or with a top cover with side opening. Both models make it difficult for birds to get at the rubbish.

Litter bin with a focus on sustainability and resource consumption

The bin has a steel frame clad with FSC®-certified mahogany slats.

The idea for R STABIL came about from a desire to make use of surplus wood from our own carpentry workshop. The slats are cut from the outermost part of block wood, just under the bark. There may be slats of sapwood on an R STABIL litter bin, and the colours of the slats may vary more than normal for hardwood. However, the level of durability in outdoor settings is just the same.

The frame is hot-dip galvanised steel, while the lid is aluminium. The metal components can also be powder-coated in any RAL colour. This enables R STABIL to be matched with the design concept of a particular school, churchyard or municipality.

Emptying R STABIL and replacing bags is relatively easy. The hatch is left-hinged and has a back plate that supports the filled bag. The new bag is attached to pegs on the bag ring. The hatch opens with a triangular key and locks automatically when closed.

Large, 105-litre litter bin for service areas and churchyards

R STABIL is one of our largest litter bins and is extremely useful for service areas, churchyards, schoolyards and other locations where emptying is infrequent or a large capacity is needed.

It can be used for waste sorting, with several installed side by side. We can supply R STABIL with waste-sorting pictograms from the Danish Waste Association, if required (available in Danish, English and German).

R STABIL gives you a classic waste container produced with a focus on sustainability and resources.

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• 105 litres
• Round litter bin with hinged lid
• Also available with top cover with side opening
• Clad with surplus wood from HITSA’s carpentry workshop
• Fixed bag holder and complete back plate on hatch
• Opens with a triangular key – locks automatically when closed
• Also available in RAL colours


• Hot-dip galvanised steel, aluminium and untreated, FSC®-certified mahogany
• Colour/surface of slats may vary
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Lid: 3 mm aluminium
Casing: 2 mm steel
Base: Ø 400 x 50 x 3 mm steel
Cladding: 45 x 20 mm mahogany


• Available for bolting to the ground
• Can be cemented into place using threaded rods (not included)

R STABIL drawings


Large litter bin (capacity 105L) available in two versions

  • 01_RSTABIL - tegning - 1


Wood-clad litter bin, capacity 105L

  • 02_RSTABIL - tegning - 1


Available with side throw

  • 03_RSTABIL 1S - tegning - 1
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