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FJORDPARK MILJØ is a litter bin for waste sorting in public spaces. Correct sorting of waste ensures that more waste can be recycled, and less needs to be incinerated. FJORDPARK MILJØ has been designed by Aarhus design studio VE2 in close collaboration with Horsens Municipality.

User-friendly pictograms, braille for blind users and fractal font labelling for the visually impaired make it easy for residents to sort their waste and can be supplied as optional extras. In addition, we can supply our FJORDPARK MILJØ litter bin with a fluorescent strip, if you need to make it easy to find in the dark.

FJORDPARK MILJØ is ideal for installing at the end of a pedestrian street, in the corner of a park or in a harbour area.

Here at HITSA we believe that waste sorting in public spaces will become even more common in the future. Contact us, if waste sorting facilities are high on your agenda too.

The FJORDPARK MILJØ litter bin can be divided to take three or four categories of waste. Sorting of waste, so recyclables are separated ready for collection, is better for the environment. It also makes life easier for waste collection teams.

We have designed the FJORDPARK MILJØ litter bin with a focus on minimising access for rats and gulls.

Litter bin for sorting waste in pedestrian areas

FJORDPARK MILJØ has a side opening. Depending on whether the central section takes one or two categories of waste, it is available with a central hatch on one or both sides.

A compartment for returnable bottles/cans and an ashtray are optional extras.

FJORDPARK MILJØ opens with a triangular key. The lock is shielded from inside and outside. All the hatches on the FJORDPARK MILJØ litter bin come with latches.

Large, high-quality recycling bin

The FJORDPARK MILJØ litter bin is 1.3 m long and almost 1 m in height when installed. It is made from 3 mm steel. The FJORDPARK MILJØ recycle bin comes with a smooth casing and is powder-coated as standard. It is also available with casing in corten steel.

All steel components are hot-dip galvanised before powder coating. Hot-dip galvanising improves the durability of the bin and ensures a long useful life. Even if the powder coating on the bin gets damaged, the galvanising treatment protects the steel plate against rust.

FJORDPARK MILJØ can be either cemented in or bolted to the ground.

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    • 3 x 105 litres (3 fractions) or 2 x 105 litres + 2 x 50 litres (4 fractions) with side access
    • Casing is available smooth
    • Side-hinged lids with bag holder for easy emptying
    • Optional extra: Holder for recyclable items and integrated ashtray
    • Optional extra: Pictograms, braille and fractal font
    • Available in RAL colours
    • Opens with a triangular key – locks automatically when closed


    • Powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium (top)
    • Also available in Corten steel (casing, top and socle)


    Casing: 3 mm steel sheet panel
    Top: 3 mm aluminium
    Socle: 5 mm steel sheet panel


    • Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
    • Recommended base dimensions 2 x Ø300 x 600 mm
    • Distance from ground to upper edge: 980-990 mm


    Fjordpark Miljø

    3 x 105 litres (3 fractions) or 2 x 105 litres + 2 x 50 litres (4 fractions) with side access

    • 01_Fjordpark Miljø - tegning - 1

    Fjordpark Miljø

    Optional extra: Holder for recyclable items and integrated ashtray

    • 02_Fjordpark Miljø - tegning - 1

    Fjordpark Miljø

    • 03_Fjordpark Miljø - tegning - 1
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