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Bike Shelters and Shelters

Bicycle shelters and covered bicycle parking create their own niche in the urban landscape, clearly indicating where to park your bike.

Urban environments should be locations where it’s practical, convenient and safe to live and work. Somewhere you want to get around by bike, for example. So bicycle parking is an essential element of the cycling experience. Dry, well-lit bicycle parking makes it easier to opt for cycling as a means of transport, and ensures cyclists feel welcome at shopping centres, businesses or institutions.

Bicycle shelters – providing optimum conditions for cycling

Cycling is hugely popular in Danish towns and cities, and it’s essential for modern urban planning to focus on cyclists and provide favourable conditions for making use of urban spaces.

HITSA has been developing shelters designed specifically for bicycle parking for many years, and we are happy to help in incorporating bicycle parking facilities into the urban environment.

Bicycle racks come with a standard gap of 50 cm between parking spaces. However, we can also design our bicycle parking products to suit bicycle racks with a centre-to-centre distance of 60 cm, as recommended under DGNB sustainability certification. And more generous spacing makes parking your bike easier, quicker and more convenient – and cycling more attractive as a result.

Covered bicycle parking with good lighting

Bicycle shelters from HITSA are attractive and durable and will stand up to wind and weather. All shelters are manufactured at our own facilities in Latvia and Denmark – employing solid construction and robust materials such as hot-dip galvanised steel that can be powder-coated if a specific colour is desired.

No matter whether you stick with the plain, galvanised finish or have your bicycle shelter powder-coated, all the steel components in our products are always hot-dip galvanised. Hot-dip galvanising provides several benefits: it protects the robust steel surfaces against rust and corrosion, and makes them self-repairing in the event of minor damage. Hot-dip galvanised steel requires minimal maintenance. It also considerably extends the useful life of any product.

Bicycle shelters in a multitude of styles

HITSA collaborates with a variety of designers and architects in designing bicycle shelters. A shelter needs to not only fulfil its purpose; it should ideally have its own unique look and be an attractive and sculptural addition to the urban space. A natural focal point for bikes.

One example is our elegant and functional AROS bicycle shelter, which is modular and so can easily be extended by adding further modules. The design is both modern and airy, and AROS is an ideal fit for modern urban living with a focus on sustainable transport. Lighting can be incorporated into the shelter, thus providing an extra service for urban cyclists.

Several of our shelters can be extended by adding extra sections, as needed. We produce the shelters in-house at our own factories, which means we can adapt the products to suit customer requirements.

Bicycle parking featuring wood, corten steel or perforated panels

Covered bicycle parking is designed with water drainage and light in mind. The roof is typically sloping, with scope for installing guttering and drainpipes. Some of our shelters have glass roofs or cladding of perforated panels or rionet wire mesh, for example. This helps the shelter to blend with its surroundings, and gives it a simple and cohesive look.

With the FREDDY shelter, for instance, you can choose to add rionet or other wire mesh to allow plants to grow up your shelter. If you also opt for a sedum roof, you can create a patch of green in the urban landscape.

All things considered, there are numerous options for combining roof and side panels to create a welcoming impression that blends with the surrounding architecture.

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