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Litter Bins and Recycle Bins

Litter bins are vital in urban spaces. Consequently, waste solutions for urban spaces and parks should ideally have a well-designed and attractive look.

HITSA offers one of the largest selections of litter bins in Denmark. From a very basic, small litter bin in galvanised steel to an architect-designed bin in corten steel or with a powder coating. We have been developing waste-management products for public spaces for many decades. It began with a classic litter bin with a top opening. With a view to protecting against gulls and other birds, we then developed products with a side opening. We now also produce litter bins for waste sorting in pedestrian zones and parks. The latest addition is a ratproof base for many of our designs.

We have always developed our solutions in close collaboration with architects and designers. This means that the look of the bin can also be adapted to fit any style and setting.

Litter bins in corten steel or hot-dip galvanised steel

Here at HITSA we produce litter bins in a variety of sizes and offer many different solutions for waste management in outdoor spaces. We offer a variety of small bins. These are often also design objects that add a touch of style and character to their surroundings. COPENHAGEN, for example, is a small litter bin in a classic, elegant design.

We also offer large litter bins in a variety of sizes, with capacities suitable for town squares, service areas or churchyards. These can also be stylish and well-designed in appearance. Take the FJORDPARK 3, for instance, with a side opening and harmonious cylindrical shape, and available in both corten steel and powder-coated steel.

Litter bins for waste sorting in urban spaces

HITSA offers a broad selection of litter bins in aesthetic and practical designs. So it’s always possible to find the perfect bin for keeping your particular urban space or park environment tidy.

Functionality is the most important factor. The FJORDPARK MILJØ waste sorting system allows users to sort their waste while out and about in town or by the harbour. We have developed a number of waste-sorting bins in collaboration with municipalities.

The design of our products for waste management focuses first and foremost on functionality: they should be easy and intuitive to use for both locals and visitors. The bin should be easy to spot and find. At the same time it should have its own unique look yet blend in naturally with the urban space and any other urban furniture.

Our range features litter bins in simple, clean designs to suit most outdoor spaces – and we have products that form part of a specific range of urban furniture.

Examples of litter bins designed as part of a range include the FJORDPARK 1, which coordinates with benches and table & bench sets in the FJORDPARK range. Or the ROYAL litter bin, in the same, modern design as the ROYAL bench.

Litter bins that can stand up to the rigours of urban life

Litter bins from HITSA are manufactured at our own facilities in Latvia and Denmark, so we have full control over the quality and durability of the products.

All our products are made from robust materials. Our waste-management products have an outer casing of galvanised or stainless steel, which will stand up to being out of doors in all winds and weathers. They will last for many years, even if the product is subjected to rough treatment, as is to be expected in urban environments.

All steel components in our litter bins are hot-dip galvanised, including the actual containers, which are subsequently powder-coated. Hot-dip galvanising ensures a high level of quality and a long useful life. Even if the powder coating gets damaged, the hot-dip galvanising ensures that the steel casing retains its strength.

If you don’t want a galvanised finish for your litter bins, you can opt for subsequent powder coating. Powder coating takes place at our own painting facility and we can offer any RAL colour. Please contact us to find out more about the available options.

Waste solutions offering easy emptying

All our litter bins have well-thought-out systems and focus on ease of emptying for waste collection teams. If emptying numerous litter bins in the course of a day, the process needs to be as easy and straightforward as possible.

Our FJORDPARK 4 incorporates our newest and most user-friendly opening mechanism. This makes everyday life easier for service staff.

However, litter bins should not be easy to empty for unauthorised persons. The majority of our litter bins come with a latch, so they automatically lock again once closed after authorised emptying.

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