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Bollards and Barriers

At a time when there is increasing focus on vehicle-free zones, towns and cities should be places where you can safely get around on foot, including urban spaces where pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are often in close proximity.

Bollards, barriers and low fences act as natural demarcation of an area. They also serve to regulate access for motorists in cities, in squares and parks and in the vicinity of public buildings or private businesses.

Here at HITSA we have a large selection of bollards and barriers in a variety of designs, which can be used for restricting access, for protection and similar. HITSA’s range includes both stationary and removable bollards, and fixed and swing barriers.

Attractive demarcation of urban spaces using bollards

Bollards, barriers and low fences in urban parks and squares can serve as natural, integrated demarcation of the area, while helping to ensure that cars and other larger vehicles do not enter where not permitted. In addition to acting as a safety feature, bollards can also accentuate the urban space and architecture, adding an attractive element to the urban landscape.

Moreover, bollards in a variety of designs from HITSA bring an extra decorative touch to urban spaces. Some of the bollards are also available with light sources or can include reflectors. By alternating between bollards with and without lights you can create a very special effect and ambience. Bollards with lights also help to light up dark areas and show the way.

Bollards and barriers provide safety

At schools, nursery schools and other locations with children and young people moving around, it is especially important to clearly demarcate areas for the purposes of safety, so pedestrians, cyclists and motorists each know where they can go. Bollards and bicycle barriers in school or nursery school areas can help to clarify boundaries. Bollards and barriers installed as boundary markers along roads can help children on bikes coming from a school’s bicycle parking facility to be aware of where they will be encountering other traffic and must therefore stop.

Barriers are also very helpful for regulating access to footpaths, green areas, roads or similar. The barriers prevent automatic access for motor vehicles If you opt for our A2 and A3 fixed barriers and install them in a staggered formation, so it’s necessary to wend your way through, this also forces cyclists to dismount and wheel their bikes. This makes the path even safer for the pedestrians it is intended for.

Bollards have to stand up to a lot

A model like LENTA, which can be supplied with or without a reflective strip, is available in a version that can flex up to 30 degrees in the event of a collision, and then return to its original position without breaking.

However, the other bollards in our range can also withstand a lot. Most of them are made from extremely robust hot-dip galvanised steel, while a few are solid cast iron. And the range also includes wooden bollards. COMPACT is a simple bollard of pressure-treated timber with steel reinforcement, which is often used in connection with traffic-calming chicanes.

The materials we use for bollards and barriers naturally fulfil the toughest of requirements for products that will be out of doors in all kinds of wind and weather for many years to come.

All the steel components are hot-dip galvanised, and a powder coating can be applied in any RAL colour of your choice, if required.

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