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Bus Shelters

An attractive shelter at a bus stop can serve as an urban sculpture and accentuate surrounding architecture.

When visitors step off a bus in a new city or town, the shelter at the bus stop can be the first thing that greets them. It can also be their last sight before departing to go back home.

So a functional and attractive bus shelter can help to create a good impression for visitors.

Bus shelters for user-friendly urban spaces

Attractive, practical and durable shelters at bus stops help to create a practical and user-friendly urban landscape, where locals and visitors can enjoy optimal conditions when using public transport to get around town.

HITSA offers attractively designed and functional screens that shelter waiting passengers from wind and weather at the bus stop.

Our attractive and practical shelters focus on design and blending in with their surroundings. Accordingly, our bus shelters have transparent walls of materials such as tempered glass or steel with wind-absorbing perforations that allow users a good view of their surroundings while waiting for the bus. Being able to orient yourself and see out through the shelter walls with no problem while waiting for a bus also provides an increased sense of security for users. It is also possible to install LED lights in the shelters, which similarly improves the feeling of security for passengers waiting in the evening or at night.

Functional bus shelters promote sustainable transport

Modern urban landscapes should be well thought out and practical for local residents. We know that increased focus on sustainable and public transport is crucial for the climate, and that urban traffic flows better if fewer people travel by car.

In order to get more residents to cycle or use public transport, such as buses, it’s essential to ensure that sustainable means of transport provide an easy, convenient and safe alternative to travelling by car.

This could include ensuring that infrastructure such as cycle routes, bicycle parking, lighting and bus stops is in place where needed, and, of course, that they are easily accessible and convenient for local travellers to use.

STAGE Bus Shelter is a functional, modular shelter designed to be used at bus stops. Both local residents and visitors can shelter from the wind and rain here and enjoy a chance to sit down while waiting for the bus.

Shelters that will stand up to wind and weather for many years to come

Shelters from HITSA have galvanised steel surfaces that are resistant to wind and weather and require minimal maintenance. The galvanised surfaces are self-repairing in the event of minor damage – and weather to an attractive patina over time.

They can also be powder-coated, if required. Choosing a powder coating that coordinates with surrounding urban furniture will ensure that the shelter fits ideally into its surroundings and is in keeping with the overall design concept for the urban landscape.

The standard seating in the shelters consists of slats of oil-treated FSC-certified mahogany. Mahogany is an extremely durable type of wood, ensuring a similarly long useful life to the rest of the shelter, and the slats provide an attractive contrast to the simple, modern look of the actual shelter.

A custom shelter that fulfils all needs and requirements

There is plenty of scope for customising the final solution and thus the finished look of the shelter.

Here at HITSA we produce our shelters in-house at our own facilities, which ensures an ideal scenario for customising the product to suit exact customer needs and to fulfil all requirements.

Contact us to find out about the available options for a custom shelter.

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