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Bin Shelters

Recycling stations, bin shelters and bin stores for housing associations and apartments are an essential everyday facility for many people. Waste solutions can often be seen from residents’ windows. So make them an appealing element of courtyards and communal areas by creating a recycling station that matches the architecture and surroundings.

A clean and tidy city is an attractive city and a place that is pleasant and appealing for local residents to spend time, and live in.

It is essential for public urban spaces to provide easy and practical access to waste disposal facilities. Bin shelters can be used for screening and sorting of waste in urban spaces and courtyards beside apartment blocks.

Recycling stations ensure easy and correct waste management

Keeping waste containers all together in a single location is practical and makes waste management easier for users. With everything brought together in a recycling station, it’s easy to ensure clear organisation of different waste containers for different types of waste.

And when waste sorting facilities are easy to access, this helps to ensure that waste is sorted correctly and disposed of as it should be. This ensures a clean and tidy urban environment – correct waste sorting yields more sustainable sanitation.

Bin shelters enhance urban spaces

Bin shelters from HITSA are available in several attractive, contemporary designs, ensuring practical and convenient access to waste containers. Our recycling stations screen off waste bins and containers in an elegant manner, and at the same time protect them from wind and weather.

HITSA’s recycling stations have been designed to blend in, naturally and aesthetically, with the urban landscape. Depending on whether you opt for a recycling station with a grey, hot-dip galvanised finish or powder-coated in a colour of your choice, you can ensure a uniform look for your outdoor space.

Aarhus Municipality, for example, uses SERVITEL stations in the familiar shade of green to be seen throughout its urban environment.

Your choice of cladding for the sides, ends and roof also determines the look of your facility. If, for instance, you opt for a sustainable type of wood for cladding the sides and ends of your FHR recycling station, it can become a green oasis in the urban landscape. And even more so, if you add a nice, green sedum roof.

Recycling stations, bin shelters and bin stores

All our recycling stations are made from durable materials that can stand up to frequent use and being outside in all kinds of weather. All the steel components in our recycling stations – as with all products in our range – are hot-dip galvanised. We choose hot-dip galvanising for our products, as it protects against rust, requires minimal maintenance and weathers to an attractive patina over time.

Perforated cladding panels or a gap below the roof ensure natural ventilation.

If necessary, we can supply our recycling stations with a lockable door or gate.

Everything under one roof – bicycle parking and recycling station

Many of our recycling stations are also available as a shelter for bicycle parking, for example. This makes them ideal for combining a recycling station with bicycle parking, gathering multiple functions under one roof.

One example of this is MASCOT, which offers a smart and simple combined solution for organising both bikes and waste in courtyard settings. This gathers multiple services in one area of the courtyard for the benefit of residents in the surrounding dwellings.

JF HH can also be combined in a variety of ways. It can be used as a combined solution for both waste containers and bikes. This model can be supplied as a double-sided shelter, for instance, that can be securely locked with one door.

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