HITSA supplies and enhances urban spaces with high-quality furniture.

Our benches, bicycle racks, bollards and shelters ensure attractive environments and good functionality for countless people. Production takes place at our own facilities, with a focus on design and craftsmanship. As a business we take responsibility for social and environmental sustainability.

HITSA, as we are today, is a fusion of two family-owned companies, VEKSØ and Hitsa, which were competitors for many years, each with their own strengths. On 1 January 2021, we joined forces as a single company – HITSA.

We are combining the best of both companies and are moving forward as a contemporary HITSA. This means that we can still deliver both small installations and large-scale development projects, and we can do this flexibly, in close collaboration with the customer and at the right price.

Honesty, responsibility and customer focus are the values on which HITSA is founded.

Furniture to create positive spaces and experiences

Our products are intended to create value for users.

It should be easy and appealing for a business to offer good bicycle parking for its customers or employees. So we have a huge selection of bicycle racks, and we have extensive knowledge of bicycle parking and how to promote cycling, and are happy to share this.

Tables, benches and chairs for urban spaces should be inviting, as well as strong and durable. Therefore our furniture is designed by architects and made from quality materials.

Our customers are frequently busy, with large projects on the go, bringing together countless elements to form a greater whole. So we ensure that it’s easy to get hold of us, and we are flexible and well-organised when it comes to delivery and agreements.

HITSA is founded on expert craftsmanship. Since we continue to manufacture our products in-house, we are able to adapt them to suit customer requirements, and we have full control over quality.

Danish producer taking responsibility for social inclusion and sustainability

HITSA is based in Kolding, Denmark, home to our sales, design and administration departments. Our steelworks, carpentry workshop and powder-coating facility are also located here. Our workforce comprises around 80 employees in Denmark, including metalworkers, carpenters, painters, sales staff, designers and others.

We own a steelworks in Latvia, where we can produce a wide range of subcomponents for our benches, tables, bicycle racks and other products. This is staffed by a team of around 20.

Our offices in Sweden are located in Arlöv and Stockholm, with a total of 12 staff who deal with sales and installation.

The HITSA Group is part of Dutch group CROWD. CROWD stands for Creators Of the Outside World, and the group owns several European companies in the fields of urban furniture, bicycle parking, Smart City and playground equipment. The group’s mission is to create positive outdoor environments for people through the companies they own.

Social responsibility has been a part of the culture at HITSA for many years and it is an important element of how we see ourselves as a company. Read more about social inclusion at HITSA here.

One of the companies in the HITSA Group is Lampas, which produces professional, Danish-designed lighting. A number of functions within administration and production at our site in Kolding are shared with Lampas.

HITSA has a long history as a producer of furniture made from steel, wood and plastic. We want to move forward as a business that takes responsibility for our environmental impact and climate footprint. Find out more about sustainability at HITSA here.

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