Table with bench
A table & bench set provides a spot to gather. You can sit around the table with your packed lunch – or barbecue – and enjoy the company. Interaction with family and friends.

Whether gathering in an urban space or park, in the schoolyard, at the beach or at a private company, a table & bench set is a good place to start. So take a seat. Hang out and have fun.
Table & bench sets for outdoor spaces in parks or service areas
HITSA has table & bench sets in numerous different styles and designs. All have been designed to suit a wide spectrum of requirements for table and bench seating in outdoor spaces.

In collaboration with architects and designers, we have focused on ensuring the individual sets are both functional and have their own unique look. Our overall range offers classic table & bench sets in one piece and more modern sets made up of individual pieces.

*FIRKANTRØR* is a typical example of a connected table & bench set that is ideal for positioning on a flagstone base. The square tubing glides across the paving. If you are looking for a classic set that won’t sink into soft ground, such as grassy areas, you can opt for *RØR* instead.

The *FJORDPARK range* is made up of benches, plinth-style benches, tables and chairs, so you can create your own look for your outdoor seating and picnic areas. You can have a couple of benches (with or without backrest) to go with your table. Or why not opt for a round table and four chairs to create a *café set*?
Table & bench sets for architecture and landscape architecture
The table & bench sets from HITSA have been created with both functionality and design in mind. You will find modern classics in timeless designs and innovative solutions that enhance the overall look of the outdoor setting.

The *RA table & bench set* is one example of a highly robust classic that looks good in service areas, in forest locations or by the seashore. At the other end of the scale and perfect for lovers of design, we have the *NEW URBAN set* that almost appears to be floating.

*LINK* is an example of urban furniture that can be combined in countless different ways. This unconventional outdoor seating encourages social interaction and inspires new ways of sitting, working and chatting. It can be arranged as needed, creating individual, custom formations that encourage interaction.
Tables and benches designed to stand up to outdoor use
Table & bench sets from HITSA are manufactured at our own workshops in Denmark and Latvia. This means that we have full control over construction and manufacturing of our outdoor furniture.

We know that table & bench sets must be able to stand up to being outside in all kinds of weather, as well as children playing tag over and around them. And they can.

The materials we use for our table & bench sets fulfil the toughest of requirements for products that will be out of doors in wind and weather for many years to come. All the steel components in our sets are hot-dip galvanised, providing long-term protection against rust.

If you don’t want a plain, galvanised finish, you can choose to have it powder-coated, in any RAL colour of your choice. *Contact us* to find out about the available colour options for your table & bench set.

The wooden slats used for our table & bench sets are mahogany, for example, which is an extremely durable type of wood that requires minimal maintenance. We are happy to provide advice on which type of wood is best based on the intended location for your table & bench set.
Danish-design outdoor furniture and park equipment
Table & bench sets for cementing in are practical where you want solid installation, and you know the table and benches will remain in place for years to come. Cementing in is suited to locations with gravel, grass and, in some instances, paving. Bolting to the ground is suitable for other surfaces. It is also appropriate in situations where you want to make it easier to relocate the seating to a new spot.

Sometimes it may be desirable to be able to move the table & bench set around. For example, if you need to fill a whole schoolyard with table & bench sets for graduation. Or the entire lawn area in front of commercial premises for a company summer party.

HITSA’s range of table & bench sets caters for all types of installation.

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