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The FJORDPARK Café Set provides an alternative to the more classic table and bench set. Thanks to the round table and individual seats, the set has a more open and airy look. At the same time, the use of the chairs and table create new opportunities. The set also includes a smaller steel table. This can either replace the set’s wood-clad table or be used as a side table in the set for a BBQ, for example.

The FJORDPARK series consists of a chair, a table, a bench with armrests and one without, and a litter bin. All the items in the series can be combined. The Café Set consists of a table and chairs. The design of the whole FJORDPARK series is functional and simple.

The FJORDPARK series was designed by design studio VE2 from Aarhus, who have incorporated a number of elements into this series that will elevate any outdoor space to new heights.

The FJORDPARK series, including the FJORDPARK Café Set, is a long-lasting solution, both in terms of materials and appearance.

Round table with chairs in the FJORDPARK series

The FJORDPARK Café Set is made out of the same high quality materials as the rest of the items in the FJORDPARK series. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. If you wish, you can also order the café set with a powder-coated frame in your choice of RAL colours. The frame is always made of hot-dip galvanised steel, even if you choose the powder-coated version.

Hot-dip galvanisation gives the product an extremely durable surface, which also repairs itself if any minor damage occurs. At the same time, this means that we can provide our customer with a product that requires virtually no maintenance. It also extends the lifetime of the steel considerably.

The wooden slats that feature in the FJORDPARK Café Set are made of oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany. Mahogany does not require very much maintenance either and is also an extremely durable type of wood.

So you can be sure that when you choose products from the FJORDPARK series for your urban space or park, your outdoor furniture will last for many years to come. And requires only a minimum amount of maintenance.

Use the FJORDPARK Café Set alone or combine it with other items in the series

The FJORDPARK Café Set’s simple and stylish appearance looks good on its own, but of course comes into its own when placed with other products in the FJORDPARK series.

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• Round bistro table: Ø760 mm
• The table is also available as a steel table: Ø460 mm
• The chair can be placed anywhere around the table or can stand alone
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany
• Also available in untreated FSC®-certified mahogany
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Columns: Ø76 mm
Frame: 690 x 120 mm flattened steel
Seat brackets: 40 x 12 mm flattened steel
Slats, chair: 23/36 x 40/44 mm
Slats table: 23 x 45 mm


• Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
• Recommended base dimensions: Ø300 x H600 mm
• Recommended seating height, front edge (above the column): 400 mm
• Recommended height at front edge: 440 mm
• Recommended table height: 700-720 mm



  • 01_FJORDPARK BO Ø460 - tegning - 1


  • 02_FJORDPARK BO Ø760 - tegning - 1


  • 03_FJORDPARK ST - tegning - 1
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