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Bicycle Bollards and Cargo Bike Parking

Bicycle bollards – also referred to as bicycle stands – are the most common form of bicycle parking outside the Nordic region. Here at HITSA we have taken this on board and offer a large selection of practical and elegant bicycle bollards. They are equally suitable for ordinary bikes and cargo bikes.

There are numerous benefits to installing this type of bicycle parking for customers, employees or passengers who cycle back and forth to shops, work or the station. Cyclists can park from both sides without needing a double space. Bollard-style or side stands also allow the bike frame to be locked securely to the stand.

One particular type of side stand is named after the city of Sheffield in the UK; it is made of thick tubular steel that forms an inverted U shape. Here at Hitsa we also offer a classic ‘Sheffield stand’ – our OPUS bicycle stand. OPUS provides convenient, sturdy and economic parking for numerous bikes. Just like other bicycle bollards and stands, OPUS can be used for all types of bikes, including cargo bikes. It is hot-dip galvanised and can be powder-coated. With colour applied, this distinct and sturdy stand creates a strong impression.

Parking for cargo bikes

Parking facilities for cargo bikes are a new necessity, and municipalities, institutions and housing projects have seen increased demand for this in recent years.

In the Nordic region, cycling has always been a popular means of transport. Many towns and cities are working to get more people cycling instead of driving. As a result, sales of cargo bikes and Christiania bikes are increasing. The need for parking spaces for cargo bikes is increasing at the same rate. Bollard-type bicycle stands have proved to be a good solution for this.

The bicycle bollards or stands must be installed further apart than for ordinary bikes, if intended to provide parking for cargo bikes too. We recommend a centre-to-centre distance of 130 cm if the parking is to be used for family bikes. At universities, colleges and urban apartments, our OUTFIT bicycle bollard provides the perfect look and excellent durability. It is made from stainless steel and plastic. This gives it an urban look and a high degree of functionality. It’s easy to lock a bike or cargo bike securely to the stand, and the plastic cover eliminates any risk of scratching the paintwork on bikes.

Wooden bollard for bicycle parking in forest or coastal locations

Bicycle bollards from HITSA are well-designed and appealing products, often designed by architects. We work with Danish architects and designers.

Our WOOD C bicycle stand has its own unique designer look. It is made from azobé hardwood, which is frequently also used for piers and harbours, as it is resistant to salt water and sea air. This makes the WOOD bicycle bollard ideal for bicycle parking in natural settings such as forests and beach locations. It features a hole for locking and can be combined with its counterpart (without a hole), the WOOD bollard. WOOD has been designed by Danish design studio VE2.

SHL Architects created the ROYAL range of urban furniture, which, in addition to a bench, litter bin and urban bollard, also includes a bicycle stand. The design is characterised by simple, smooth steel surfaces. This also ensures excellent durability for the products. All our steel is hot-dip galvanised.

Here at HITSA we have built up extensive knowledge and experience in planning and installing optimum bicycle parking facilities. We can provide a floor plan design for your project, ensuring an attractive and functional bicycle parking facility. Contact our consultants to find out more.

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