WOOD C Bicycle Bollard

Design VE2

The WOOD C is a totally unique bicycle bollard made from wood. The plain, oblong pillar of hard azobé wood is decorated with a metal strip. The pillar has a hole for locking a bike or cargo bike securely using a chain lock.

WOOD C has been designed by Danish design studio VE2. The bollard is ideal for schools, parks or institutions aiming for a natural, tactile look.

Azobé is a very vibrant and durable type of wood that is frequently used for piers and jetties, since it is also resistant to salt and sea water. Azobé may have furrows or cracks. This makes WOOD C a bollard with a strong sense of character that blends well with both urban and natural landscapes.

Since WOOD C is a free-standing bicycle bollard, it can be freely positioned. A pair of bollards can be installed to make use of a confined space. A row of bollards can be used to demarcate different areas or emphasise the curve of a flower bed or pavement.

Bicycle parking for cargo bikes and Christiania bikes

WOOD C bollards should be positioned 60 cm apart. This allows space to rest a bike alongside and lock the frame securely using a chain lock.

As a side stand, WOOD C can be used by cyclists from any side, whereas a traditional bicycle rack is generally either single-sided or double-sided. It therefore saves on depth.

The bollard can also be used to park cargo bikes and Christiania bikes (cargo bikes designed in Copenhagen’s alternative neighboorhood Christiania). In this case the spacing should be wider – ideally 130 cm.

WOOD C is available in two sizes. Both versions are 90 cm tall. It is available in a narrow version, which is 60×120 mm, and a broad version, which is 120×120 mm.

WOOD C is also available as a standard bollard without the hole, WOOD. The two bollards can be used together as boundary markers or barriers in urban spaces.

Wooden bicycle stand

With a wooden bicycle bollard there is naturally no danger of scratching the paintwork on bikes.

Azobé is a type of wood containing high levels of natural oils, meaning it can tolerate being outdoors in sun and rain. It can be treated with oil, or can be left to weather to a silvery-grey patina. Both options provide the same level of durability.

The metal strip running all the way round the bollard is made from hot-dip galvanised steel.

The WOOD C bicycle bollard is for cementing in.

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• A simple yet distinctive bollard
• Bicycle leaning rack with easy locking option for regular and cargo bicycle
• Bollard and bicycle leaning rack can create a coherent look when used in combination
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Azobe wood
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Post: 120 x 120 mm Azobé wood


• To be embedded
• Recommended distance: Min. 600 mm interval between each bollard
• Recommended base dimensions Ø400 x H600 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 900 mm

WOOD C drawings


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  • 02_WOOD - tegning - 1
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