Bicycle bollard FURESØ for easy, theft proof bike parking
The wire on the bollard is an extra locking option for cyclists
FURESØ cykelpollare under KNARREBORG cykeltak
Rows of FURESØ bicycle bollard under a KNARREBORG bike shelter
FURESØ cykelpollare under KNARREBORG cykeltak
Rows of FURESØ bicycle bollard under a KNARREBORG bike shelter

FURESØ Bicycle Bollard


The FURESØ bollard is a bicycle stand that provides cyclists with great functionality for locking their bike. The bollard is also a stylish design.

The bollard has a distinctive and sculptural look. It slopes to one side, to better support the weight of a bike. The cable lock, attached to the bollard, allows cyclists to secure their bike to the bollard without having to bring their own chain lock. Those who have a chain or U-lock can secure their bike effectively using the hole through the bollard.

FURESØ has been designed by HOE360 and Bicycle Innovation Lab in collaboration with Furesø Municipality, which wants to inspire more people to cycle to local stations and bus stops. The FURESØ bicycle bollard has been created for the cyclist in a hurry, who wants to speedily park their bike in order to catch their train or bus.

Bicycle bollard with extra locking option

The FURESØ bicycle bollard is made from galvanised steel. The plastic front prevents the risk of scratches when a bike is leaned against the bollard. The hole for a chain or U-lock is 53 mm in diameter and suitable for most locks.

The bollard can be cemented in or bolted to the ground. We recommend 650 mm between bollards to give cyclists room to manoeuvre.

The FURESØ bicycle bollard is a quality product with excellent durability that enhances the urban landscape and sends a clear signal that cyclists are welcome here.

Making bicycle parking facilities more secure against theft

HITSA offers a range of products that make life easier for cyclists, with the aim of making it more attractive to choose cycling as a means of transport. View numerous examples of bicycle shelters and covered bicycle parking here. For other products to promote cycling, go here.

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of planning and installing bicycle parking. We are happy to help in designing a configuration that is functional for cyclists and makes good use of available space. Contact us for a chat about the available options.

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Technical drawings See drawings


  • Bicycle stand with easy locking function
  • Two locking options – by cable or through the bollard
  • The plastic front protects bikes against scratches
  • Also available in RAL colours


  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Also available in hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated steel
  • Black PEHD plastic
  • Steel cable


Base: 3 mm steel hollow tubing

Base plate: 5 mm steel

Back plate: 8 mm steel

Front: 8 mm plastic

Cable: 5 mm


  • Can be cemented in or bolted to the ground
  • Recommended distance (c/c): 650 mm
  • Recommended base dimensions: Ø 150 x 500 mm

FURESØ drawings


Bicycle stand with easy locking function. Can be cemented in

  • 01_FURESØ N - tegning - 1


Bicycle stand with easy locking function. Can be bolted to the ground

  • 02_FURESØ F - tegning - 1
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