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The BORCH footrest is for cyclists waiting for lights to change in cycle-friendly urban areas. They can rest their foot on the support bar and grip the hand rail, allowing them to remain seated, while waiting for the traffic to pass.

The BORCH footrest is one of HITSA’s many products to promote cycling. The footrest is made from wood and steel, making it comfortable for the cyclist, durable in all weathers and an attractive addition to the urban landscape.

The polished wood handrail provides a broad, rounded hand support, and wood is also warmer to the touch than metal. The rail is oiled to preserve the colour of the wood and ensure optimum durability in an outdoor setting.

The actual structure is hot-dip galvanised steel to ensure the footrest comes with the best possible protection against wind and rain.

The foot bar is slightly slanted to provide the best possible support for cyclists in traffic. BORCH is supplied with anti-slip tape on the foot bar, so that cyclists can push off again without a problem when the lights turn green.

Footrest for traffic lights in attractive and durable design

The BORCH footrest is available in three standard lengths – 60, 140 and 180 cm. Since we manufacture our products in-house at our own facilities, we can also supply custom lengths to suit customer requests.

The footrest must be cemented in to provide optimum support for cyclists. It is essential to install it at the right height from the ground – see the accompanying installation instructions.

The BORCH footrest can be provided with powder coating from the RAL system.

Cycling – the healthy and environmentally friendly option

Along with the BORCH air pump, the BORCH footrest has been designed to promote cycling.

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of promoting cycling and making it easy for people to get out on their bikes. This requires products that are both functional and well designed. We are cycling enthusiasts ourselves and keen to contribute to the positive trend represented by cycle-friendly cities and cycle routes, as cycling reduces congestion and emissions from cars and is a healthier option for the individual.

Consequently, we are also happy to provide advice on cycling solutions. This includes both the layout of the bicycle parking in the designated location and the accompanying equipment such as a lock bracket and bicycle pumps. We have products to suit any purpose and style. Contact us to find out more.

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• Comfortable support for the cyclist´s hands and feet when waiting at a red light
• Wooden railing ensures a comfortable temperature for the hand
• Anti-slip tape on the sloping foot rests
• Available in 3 lengths
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Oiled mahogany (FSC® Certified)
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Columns: 8 mm steel
Footrests: 5 mm steel


• To be embedded
• Recommended base dimensions LxWxH: 400 x 400 x 600 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 1150 mm


BORCH fodhviler

Footrest in steel with polished wooden railing

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