Charging station for e-bikes
Charging station for e-bikes
Public charging station for e-bikes
Bike racks and electric bike charging station in combination
E-bike charging station for public spaces

BORCH Electric-bike charging station

Design VE2

The BORCH electric-bike charging station enables cyclists to recharge on the go. The charging station is ideal for any location where you want to promote cycling and cycle tourism. It encourages cyclists to pass by on their route and provides a useful service for bicycle commuters.

BORCH also features an attractive Nordic design. Why not combine it with the BORCH bicycle pump?

The BORCH electric-bike charging station is easy to use. The chargers provide direct charging, so no need for cyclists to bring their own charger. Simply pull the cord out from the charging station and connect it to your battery.

The BORCH charging station is equipped with four different connectors as standard – BOSCH, Promovec 3-pin, Promovec 4-pin and Phylion 5-pin. The four types are indicated by text on the front panel. Four bikes can be charged at once. Our consultants can help in designing your bicycle parking facility to ensure space for electric bikes around the charging station. A BORCH charging station is an ideal addition alongside bike racks.

Charging station for electric bikes

The electric-bike charging station is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. It can also be supplied with a powder coating in any RAL colour.

The charging station can be supplied with the text ‘Ladestation’ (Charging station) on the side. Logos or other decals can be applied on request.

BORCH bike charging stations can be cemented in or bolted to the ground. The charging station requires authorised 230 V installation.

The BORCH range has been designed by Danish design studio VE2. The range also includes the BORCH bicycle pump and the BORCH footrest, which is popular as a support while waiting at traffic lights. The BORCH range has been created to promote mobility strategies and cycling action plans, featuring Danish design and craftsmanship.

Charging station for electric bikes

The electric-bike charging station is part of our wide range of cycling products.

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of promoting cycling and making it easy for people to get out on their bikes. This requires products that are both functional and well designed. We are cycling enthusiasts ourselves and keen to contribute to the positive trend represented by cycle-friendly cities and cycle routes, as cycling reduces congestion and emissions from cars and is a healthier option for the individual.

Consequently, we are also happy to provide advice on cycling solutions. This includes both the layout of the bicycle parking in the designated location and the accompanying equipment such as lock brackets, bicycle pumps and footrests. Contact our consultants to find out more.

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  • Charging for electric bikes
  • Four 36 V connectors
  • Connectors as standard: BOSCH, Promovec 3-pin, Promovec 4-pin and Phylion 5-pin
  • 1,5 meter retractable cable per connector
  • Needs authorised 230 V installation
  • Coordinates with the BORCH bicycle pump
  • Also available in any RAL colour


  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Front panel: 2 mm stainless steel plate


2 mm steel plate


  • Can be cemented in or bolted to the ground
  • Recommended base dimensions: Ø 300 x H 500 mm
  • Connects to 230 V supply according to applicable standards


BORCH ladestander

  • 01_BORCH ladestander - tegning - 1

BORCH ladestander

  • 02_BORCH ladestander - tegning - 1
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