Bike shelter
Shelter for prams and strollers
Shelter for prams and strollers


Design HITSA

The KNARREBORG shelter for bicycle parking features a simple and easily-adaptable design with a heavy-duty steel frame and a gently curved roof.

The roof is supported by individual columns, positioned so the roof protrudes slightly at the back. This gives KNARREBORG a harmonious look.

The shelter is available as both a single and double-sided model. It offers a modern and transparent look, ideal for both schools and rail stations as well as shopping centres and residential areas. The modular construction makes it easy to extend your bicycle parking facility, if needed.

KNARREBORG is produced at our own facilities, and it can therefore be adapted to suit specific customer requirements. The racks for the single-sided version can be supplied in lengths of 3, 4 or 5 metres. The length options for the double-sided version are 3 or 4 metres. We can adapt and customise the length of the shelter as required to suit customer needs.

Bicycle shelter with transparent roof

The overall structure, columns and purlins are made from hot-dip galvanised steel. Hot-dip galvanising protects the steel against rust and corrosion and ensures a long useful life for the product

If you don’t want a galvanised finish, KNARREBORG can be supplied with a powder-coated finish instead. All our steel products are hot-dip galvanised before powder coating, ensuring the same protection against rust. Powder coating is available in any RAL colour.

Multiple types of roof options are available as standard – 1.5 mm steel panels, roofing felt (regular or prepared for sedum roof) and clear polycarbonate panels. KNARREBORG provides a very light, bright and airy look with a transparent roof.

Bicycle parking that makes it easy to opt for cycling

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of planning and installing bicycle parking, to ensure an appealing installation for the customer with the maximum number of spaces per square metre. Get in touch with us to find out more about the available options.

KNARREBORG can be combined with one of our many bicycle racks and can also be equipped with one of our bicycle pumps as an extra facility for cyclists. We can supply bicycle racks with dimensions as recommended by sustainability certification DGNB.


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• Modular – extra bays can be added to extend the shelter (bays up to 5 metres)
• Available as single-sided (depth: 2200 mm) or double-sided (depth: 4450 mm)
• The double-sided shelter comes with integrated steel guttering and drainpipe
down to the ground
• Optional extra (for single-sided KNARREBORG): Steel guttering and drainpipe down to the ground
• Optional extra: LED lighting
• Optional extra: Added height for dual-level bicycle parking


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel. The following components are not powder-coated: roof panels, integrated
guttering and aluminium edge strips


• 1.5 mm smooth steel panels
• 4 mm clear polycarbonate
• Roofing felt (regular or prepared for sedum roof)


Supports: 140 x 80 x 5/100 x 80 x 4 rectangular profile
Purlins: 50 x 90 x 3 mm rectangular profile
Roof strip: 50 x 3 mm flat steel


• To be cemented in on site. Installation according to instructions from HITSA.



Modular shelter - single or double sided

  • 01_KNARREBORG - tegning - 1


Modular shelter - single sided

  • 02_KNARREBORG E - tegning - 1


Modular shelter - double sided

  • 03_KNARREBORG D - tegning - 1
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