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Grills and Drying Racks

HITSA’s large range of urban furniture includes a barbecue and a clothes airer for communal outdoor areas. The shared barbecue and the shared drying equipment serve as a natural addition to our table & bench sets and café sets. Offering facilities for open-air cooking and dining add a positive touch for residents who want to gather in shared courtyard areas or city-dwellers visiting parks. For residents of apartment buildings, it’s great to have access to a grassy area and amenities such as being able to dry clothes in the fresh air.

We have created two products with a shared design and of robust quality to stand up to use by countless different people in public spaces. We have employed a simple design for both barbecue and clothes airer, so there are no small, fragile parts. At the same time we have considered how to ensure optimum durability for a communal barbecue and shared clothes airer in frequent use. Finally, we have protected both products against theft and vandalism by ensuring there are no parts that can easily be removed.

Shared barbecue for park areas and shared drying rack for communal courtyard spaces

HITSA supplies a number of products for communal courtyard areas. We supply outdoor furniture to many housing associations and companies. This has naturally led to us also supplying other equipment for green areas and communal areas around apartment blocks.

Functional outdoor areas bring people together. This is where local residents tend to interact with one another, for purely practical reasons.

In the bicycle shelter, where you park your bike or pushchair. And at the recycling station, when disposing of rubbish or taking out the recycling.

In summer, you might meet over the raised beds – or at any rate around the clothes airer. And why not end the day by gathering around the grill for a shared evening meal?

Functional drying rack for courtyard spaces

HITSA has a simple and sturdy clothes airer in the shape of an umbrella in its range. The LLH6 clothes airer is made from robust, hot-dip galvanised steel and is intended for cementing in.

With its clean, elegant design, the airer fits well into a courtyard setting without drawing undue attention. It has a very clear function, serves its purpose well, and helps make the outdoor space somewhere to be used and enjoyed by residents. It also helps to make it a spot where people want to spend their time

The LLH6 clothes airer has been designed by landscape architects Lea Nørgaard & Vibeke Holscher.

Park barbecue encourages social interaction and communal dining

This barbecue for service areas and parks, MAXI GRILL, promotes togetherness. Communal cooking and dining encourages social interaction and development of social relations.

The barbecue can be supplemented with tables and benches in a beach or forest setting. It can be set up as a barbecue area at a shelter, enabling bonfire food and an outdoor kitchen. MAXI GRILL is made from stainless steel and reinforced concrete that will stand up to all kinds of weather as well as sea air and forest settings. It has been designed to be highly durable for outdoor living.

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