MAXI Grill


MAXI GRILL has been specially developed with housing associations and public outdoor spaces in mind. Urban locations where people meet up and sit down together – and with MAXI GRILL they can also prepare food and dine together. The barbecue features a simple and appealing design suited to any park or courtyard setting.

MAXI GRILL has been designed by MOVE Arkitektur, whose efforts to create sustainable urban spaces focus strongly on making people the focal point. MOVE’s product designs tend to be classic with a twist – and the starting point for this design is to meet users with an open mind.

MAXI GRILL is modular and is available both with and without a side table. It features a functional design, is very solid, easy to maintain, and will stay looking attractive for a long time to come. MAXI GRILL is made from robust materials, concrete and stainless steel, that stylishly accentuate the design.

Solid-construction barbecue

MAXI GRILL is made from reinforced concrete. The table top and grill are made from stainless steel. This makes the barbecue extremely robust, while ensuring an attractive look that requires minimal maintenance.

The grill rack can be tilted to allow charcoal to be added to the charcoal tray. The rack can be adjusted to three different heights, thereby varying the distance from the hot coals when barbecuing. In other words, it can be used to cook different types of dishes with no problem.

The barbecue is theft-proof, as all the components are securely attached.

Both the barbecue and table are set at a convenient height.

Combine MAXI GRILL with other urban furniture from HITSA

MAXI GRILL invites and encourages social interaction and development of social relations in a courtyard or park. It’s an obvious choice to combine the MAXI barbecue with other urban furniture from HITSA, thereby creating an inviting urban space. For example, why not install a MAXI GRILL together with one of our table & bench sets – such as LINN or SIESTA? By combining different products from HITSA’s range in your outdoor space, you create a desirable setting for people to use. Don’t forget to install some litter bins in the vicinity of the barbecue.

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• The BBQ grate can be adjusted to three different heights
• The BBQ grate tilts to allow charcoal to be added
• All parts are securely fastened to prevent theft
• Available with or without table
• Table and BBQ at comfortable height for working
• BBQ module has removable grate
• Modular (BBQ and table)


• Posts, reinforced concrete: 1200 x 600 x 105 mm
• BBQ grate, stainless steel: Ø10/ 650 x 500 mm
• Plates, brushed stainless steel: 3 mm
• Table top, brushed stainless steel: 3 mm/1000 x 600 mm -50 mm bent edge
• Grill plate, brushed stainless steel: 3 mm/1000 x 600 mm -50 mm bent edge


Maxigrill w/table


Base dimensions: 700 x 200 x 600 mm
Height from ground to upper edge: 1042 mm

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