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The SIESTA-design table & bench set is a connected set, available in a variety of options. The benches come with or without a backrest. The frame can be round or angular tubing, so it can easily be moved on both grass and paving stones. The sets are available with wooden or recycled plastic slats.

We supply SIESTA in four different combinations. SIESTA 7 and SIESTA 12 come with angular tubing – with or without a backrest. Choose for yourself whether you want wood or recycled plastic. SIESTA 8 and SIESTA 10 come with round tubing – with or without a backrest. And here again, you can choose whether the seat and (optional) backrest slats are wood or plastic.

SIESTA provides attractive, simple outdoor seating. This table & bench set is ideal for courtyards, services areas and other communal areas where you want to offer tables and seating that are both attractive to look at and easy to maintain.

Classic table & bench set with round or angular tubular frame

Choose SIESTA with round or angular tubing depending on the surface the set will be standing on. For grass or other soft surfaces, round tubing is most appropriate. SIESTA with a round tubular frame is ideal for parks or beach settings, while an angular tubular frame works well and is easy to move on hard surfaces such as paving stones or tarmac. This could include locations such as schoolyards or courtyards.

The design of the SIESTA table & bench set is simple and traditional. It boasts a sturdy construction and robust materials, whether the set is wood or plastic. The slats for the seat and backrest have been planed into shape, making them smooth and comfortable to sit on and lean against.

Table & bench set in recycled plastic

SIESTA can be supplied with slats of FSC®-certified mahogany or pressure-treated pine (nordic). Both types of wood require very little maintenance and offer excellent durability in an outdoor setting.

The table & bench set can also be supplied with slats made from recycled plastic. These require even less maintenance, and are easy to clean with water or a pressure washer. The recycled plastic we use is made from textiles sourced from surplus clothing production, among other sources. The material features a varied, greyish surface.

Find out more about materials and maintenance in our guides to ‘Operation and maintenance’.

SIESTA in recycled plastic has an extra bar under the table to ensure stability. This is due to the fact that plastic is a softer material than wood, and reacts more in hot weather.

The entire frame is made from hot-dip galvanised steel, meaning excellent durability. It can also be supplied with a powder coating in any RAL colour. All our steel components are hot-dip galvanised before powder coating, so the coating serves as extra protection against rust.

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Technical drawings See drawings

• Classic connected table and park bench set
• Available with or without backrest
• Available with frame in round or square tube
• Also available in any RAL colour
• SIESTA in recycled plastic comes with an extra bar

• Oil-treated or untreated FSC®-certified mahogany
• Also available in recycled plastic (Retextil)
• Also available in pressure-treated pine (nordic)
• Recycled plastic available in black or grey
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel

SIESTA 7: Frame in square tube with backrest
Frame: 80 x 40 mm, Feet: 40 x 40 mm
Slats: 145 x 33 mm
Weight: 85 kg (pine), 96 kg (mahogany), 179 kg (recycled plastic)

SIESTA 12: Frame in square tube with no backrest
Frame: 60 x 40 mm, Feet: 40 x 40 mm
Slats: 145 x 33 mm
Weight: 95 kg (pine), 107 kg (mahogany), 152 kg (recycled plastic)

SIESTA 8: Frame in round tube with no backrest
Frame: Ø48 mm steel tube
Slats: 145 x 33 mm
Weight: 72 kg (pine), 82 kg (mahogany), 147 kg (recycled plastic)

SIESTA 10: Frame in round tube with backrest
Frame: Ø48 mm steel tube
Slats: 145 x 33 mm
Weight: 91 kg (pine), 104 kg (mahogany),
175 kg (recycled plastic)

• To be placed on the ground. Can be fixed using a
ground spike
• Seating height: 425-440 mm depending on
the model chosen

SIESTA drawings


  • 01_SIESTA 7 - tegning - 1


  • 02_SIESTA 8 - tegning - 1

SIESTA 8 Retextil

  • 03_SIESTA 8 Retextil - tegning - 1


  • 04_SIESTA 10 - tegning - 1


  • 05_SIESTA 12 - tegning - 1

SIESTA 12 Retextil

  • 06_SIESTA 12 Retextil - tegning - 1
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