JK6 Table with bench


The JK6 table & bench set consists of three individual components, a table and two plinths (benches with no backrest). Since the three components are not attached, as is often the case with traditional table & bench sets, it’s easy to rearrange them as desired.

The JK6 table and benches can be bolted to the ground, but if you leave them as portable, you can arrange – and rearrange – your outdoor space to suit different occasions and purposes.

Architect Jørgen Klinkby is responsible for the design. He is known for a simple design style, and this can be seen in the JK6 table & bench set.

Both the table and benches in the JK6 range feature a simple design that gives this urban furniture a light and airy look. The table & bench set can therefore easily be integrated into a variety of settings.

Table & bench set

The frames of the JK6 table & bench set are made from hot-dip galvanised steel. If you wish, they can also be powder-coated.

All the steel components in our products are always hot-dip galvanised, which ensures excellent protection against rust. The surface is self-repairing in the event of minor damage. Hot-dip galvanising also extends the useful life of any product.

The wooden slats of the JK6 table & bench set are available in either oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany or pressure-treated pine. Both types of wooden slats are largely maintenance-free – and highly durable.

Architect-designed park equipment for urban spaces

You can naturally install just a single JK6 table & bench set – or group it with additional sets of the same type.

The JK6 tables and benches can also be combined with other products from our overall range, thereby creating a more versatile urban space or park environment. Why not add a *JK1 bench*, for instance, or a circular *MP bench*?

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