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Charging stations and other cycling products

Provide cyclists with air for their tyres and charging on the go. With products that offer useful extra services for cyclists, you can give cycling a little push in the right direction. Reward cyclists for choosing cycling as a mode of transport by assisting them with free-to-use charging stations, bicycle pumps and repair facilities. And make it easier for them to traverse the city by bike by providing footrests at traffic lights. Cycle tourists plan their routes with an eye on pit-stop locations – i.e. somewhere both they and their bike can recharge.

HITSA offers a selection of relevant products to promote cycling. When installed alongside bike racks and covered bicycle parking, they make life easier for cyclists and remove obstacles to choosing cycling as a means of transport for both everyday life and while on holiday.

The rise of electric bikes has resulted in even more people choosing cycling as a means of transport. So it makes sense for anyone working to promote cycling and cycle tourism to also support users of electric bikes, with charging stations at bicycle parking facilities. HITSA’s BORCH electric-bike charging station offers four different connectors to cover a wide range of bikes. No need for cyclists to bring their own charger. The connectors pull out from the charging station and connect directly to the battery. Most batteries can be locked, allowing cyclists to take a stroll around town or have lunch while their bike is charging.

Free-to-use bicycle pumps in public spaces

Air pumps – free-to-use bicycle pumps in public spaces – and footrests are some of the cycling products that HITSA can provide to help promote cycle-friendly urban spaces and cycling in general.

A bicycle pump, installed alongside a bicycle rack, provides an extra facility for residents, students and tourists who have opted for cycling as their means of transport. This underlines that the particular municipality or business is cycle-friendly. We offer bicycle pumps for manual use, with pressure generated by a foot pedal, and we also offer pumps with an automatic compressor, operated by pressing a button.

All our bicycle pumps for public use clearly indicate the air pressure, and are safeguarded as much as possible against vandalism.

One of our air pumps features a traditional, almost retro, look. The BORCH pump may bring to mind an old-fashioned petrol pump with its hose hanging down from a holder. It can be powder-coated in any RAL colour. This also enables it to blend in with the colour scheme of a particular design concept or stylistic context. BORCH is available with a compressor.

Free-to-use air pumps to promote cycling

AROS is an air pump in a more simple and modern design. The pump, together with the AROS bicycle shelter, has been developed in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality. The shape is slim, simple and streamlined. AROS is available as an air pump with compressor and as a manual air pump.

Public bicycle pumps have to stand up to being used by countless different users and being installed in a publicly accessible location. We took this into account in our development work, based on user experiences, among other input. We have given the AROS pump a steel-reinforced hose, and made sure that the nozzle on BORCH cannot be taken apart by inquisitive users.

Our air pump stations have been designed to be installed out of doors. They are made from durable and weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated steel. The pumps can also be sited under a bicycle shelter, as an added benefit for cyclists. HITSA offers a broad selection of bicycle shelters, which can be designed so that bicycle racks, bicycle shelter and bicycle pumps have a coordinated overall look.

Footrests to aid cyclists at traffic lights

HITSA’s large range of products to promote cycling also includes a footrest.

The footrest has a hand rail and a foot bar, enabling cyclists to remain seated while waiting for lights to turn green. With their foot on the bar, the cyclist can easily push off again after stopping. In large cities with lots of bicycle traffic, footrests provide a very useful facility for cyclists.

Here at HITSA we are keen supporters of cycling as a means of transport. Our business is founded on production of bicycle parking products, and we have been involved in developing cycling products for many years. We offer Denmark’s largest range of cycling products. Consequently, we have built up extensive knowledge and experience regarding layout of urban cycling facilities, cycle routes and bicycle parking. Give us a call to chat to one of our consultants, who are experts in cycling.

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