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Bike Racks and Two Tier Bicycle Parking

Bicycle racks are available from HITSA in a wide variety of designs and all price categories. There are numerous factors to be taken into account when installing bicycle parking. It should be easy for cyclists to park their bike and lock it securely without scratching the paintwork. The client ideally wants to provide space for lots of bikes. At the same time the bicycle rack should be in keeping with the architecture or landscape architecture in terms of style. It should also stand up to use in public spaces, as well as being resistant to rain, wind and sun for many years. Ease of use and maintenance are also essential factors when it comes to bicycle racks.

Therefore, HITSA produces a large selection of bicycle racks, offering a wide range of price levels, looks and functionality.

In Denmark we have a tradition of bicycle parking with the front wheel inserted into a wheel holder. For many years this entailed a risk of warped spokes, but this problem was solved when the first rack with conical, i.e. outward-angled, wheel holders was invented. NOAH holds the front wheel in two places, so that it remains steady and does not jiggle in the holder. At the same time the advantage of the NOAH rack is that it is suitable for all sizes of tyres, from the narrow width of racing bikes to city bikes or granny bikes and the thick tyres of mountain bikes. Since the NOAH rack was first created in the 1990s, many front-wheel racks with conical wheel holders have been produced, each with their own strengths in terms of form and function. Racks like NOLI and HH20 offer the same functionality, but with a totally different look. Both racks are also designed to safely accommodate front wheel hubs and attached lights.

Dual-level bicycle parking to match space requirements for large numbers of bikes

Space requirements for the number of bicycle parking spaces are familiar to many developers. When building residential properties, the local plan generally contains clear requirements for how many bicycle spaces must be provided per apartment. When managing a station or an educational institution, space is also needed for a large number of bikes. Dual-level bicycle racks can be the ideal solution.

Dual-level bicycle parking provides space for twice as many bikes per square metre. Here at HITSA we are a distributor of EASYLIFT products, a dual-level bicycle rack produced in another country that’s big on cycling, namely the Netherlands. EASYLIFT is available in two models: EASYLIFT PREMIUM dual-level bicycle rack and EASYLIFT CAPACITY dual-level bicycle rack. Both have gas springs, making it easy for anyone to lift bikes onto the upper level. EASYLIFT products are also characterised by their stylish, red handles, making them an appealing addition to the urban environment.

We also have simpler styles of dual-level parking. This includes HH20 ETAGE, for example, where the cyclist manually lifts their bike onto the upper level. TYPE 75 is a slanted rack for locations with plenty of height space but not necessarily depth.

Here at HITSA we have built up extensive knowledge and experience in planning and installing optimum bicycle parking facilities. We can provide a floor plan design for your project, ensuring an attractive and functional bicycle parking facility. Contact our consultants to find out more.

Danish-design bicycle racks

Bicycle racks can be an element of the landscape and form part of the outdoor décor. Bicycle parking close to an entrance or in front of a building plays a part in the overall look of a particular business or institution. For such locations you can use one of our many bicycle racks with an emphasis on design and look.

This could be DIAN, for example, an expansive, curved rack with semi-circular wheel holders. Why not install a double-sided DIAN, so the curves create a complete circle?

G TYPE  is another stylish rack that creates a distinct impression. G TYPE is both elegant and sturdy. The wheel holders are very slim, and mounted on a very distinctive bar.

HH20 BIG has large, elliptical wheel holders, providing a harmonious and balanced look.

All our bicycle racks can be supplied with a powder coating in any RAL colour. This enables installation of bicycle parking that blends with the surroundings exactly as envisioned by the architect.

Easy-to-maintain bicycle racks

Bicycle racks and dual-level bicycle parking products from HITSA are all made from hot-dip galvanised steel. This is also the case for powder-coated products. Consequently, HITSA’s bicycle racks are extremely durable for outdoor use and in settings exposed to sea air or traffic fumes, for example.

We have a number of racks mounted on bollards by means of sockets or connectors. This makes the actual bicycle rack component easy for maintenance teams to remove and re-attach in connection with maintenance work. HH20, HH20 BIG, NOAH, NOLI, DIAN and CO5, for example, are flexibly attached by means of connectors.

In addition, our most basic racks such as KODA 5 or KODA 7 are made from hot-dip galvanised steel and designed for a long useful life in an urban setting.

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