Lock bracket for bike parking
Lock bracket for bike parking

TRIANGEL Lock Bracket

Design HITSA

The TRIANGEL lock bracket makes bicycle parking more secure. When a bicycle rack is equipped with a TRIANGEL lock bracket, cyclists can easily lock their bike securely by its frame. This provides better security against theft than locking the bike by its wheel or just locking the bike.

The simple shape of TRIANGEL makes it highly adaptable for urban spaces. The lock bracket is triangular in shape with rounded corners. It is attached to and forms an integral part of the bicycle rack.

The TRIANGEL locking bracket is available in two versions, one suitable for NOAH and NOLI bicycle racks, and the other for HH20 and HH20 BIG racks. The only difference is the distance between the mounting brackets. The simple and elegant look of TRIANGEL matches well with all four bicycle rack models.

TRIANGEL can be ordered as an optional extra for bicycle racks or retrofitted on existing racks.The lock bracket is installed at a 90° angle to the struts. If you need a lock bracket that can be installed at a 45° angle, please contact us or take a look at our other lock bracket, LOCKT.

Making bicycle parking facilities more secure against theft

TRIANGEL is ideal for any location where you want to offer cyclists extra security against theft. This could be at stations, colleges, educational institutions or other locations where cyclists parks for short or longer periods.

The lock bracket is made from hot-dip galvanised steel rods with a diameter of 18 mm. The material thickness makes TRIANGEL a robust lock bracket that cannot easily be snapped with hand tools.

We can supply TRIANGEL powder-coated in any RAL colour.

TRIANGEL is installed between the wheel holders on the bicycle rack. A bicycle rack with 5 parking spaces can have up to 4 lock brackets. Two bikes can be locked to the same lock bracket with no problem.

Locking bracket for bicycles racks

Locking brackets for bicycle racks are one of the many things that can help to promote cycling as a means of transport. See our other products to promote cycling, such as our BORCH footrest for traffic lights and our AROS bicycle pump for public use. For bicycle shelters and covered bicycle parking, look here.

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of planning and installing bicycle parking. We are happy to help in designing a configuration that is functional for cyclists and makes optimum use of the available space. Contact us for a chat about the available options.

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Technical drawings See drawings


  • Anti-theft bracket for bikes
  • For installation at a 90° angle
  • Optional extra for NOAH, NOLI, HH20 and HH20 BIG bicycle racks
  • Can be retrofitted to existing NOAH, NOLI, HH20 and HH20 BIG bicycle racks
  • Also available in RAL colours


  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Bracket: Ø 18 mm


  • Retrofitting: Bolted to strut on bicycle rack

TRIANGEL drawings

Triangel Noli & Noah

Anti-theft bracket for bikes

  • 01_Triangel Noli & Noah - tegning - 1

Triangel Noli

Anti-theft bracket for bikes

  • 02_Triangel Noli - tegning - 1

Triangel Noah

Anti-theft bracket for bikes

  • 03_Triangel Noah - tegning - 1

Triangel HH20 & HH20 BIG

Anti-theft bracket for bikes

  • 04_Triangel HH20 & HH20 BIG - tegning - 1

Triangel HH20

Anti-theft bracket for bikes

  • 05_Triangel HH20 - tegning - 1

Triangel HH20 BIG

Anti-theft bracket for bikes

  • 06_Triangel HH20 BIG - tegning - 1
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