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Benches and Seating

Benches, park benches and chairs are an important element of the landscape and facilities in urban spaces and parks. Park benches catch the eye alongside hedges and paths, inviting you to sit and take a break. They give both tourists and locals somewhere to sit and enjoy the view. Plinth-style benches (with no backrest) provide non-traditional seating, and are more compact. Chairs provide individual seating and time to yourself. Lounge-style chairs and reclined seats can be used to create a relaxed feel in parks or along a promenade.

Modern urban environments must be user-friendly for everyone and cater for all needs. To make urban spaces as welcoming as possible, it’s essential to provide seating in strategic locations throughout.

HITSA supplies benches, park benches and chairs in well-thought-out Danish designs for urban spaces, parks and squares.

Bench seating to fit the setting

Urban furniture from HITSA is carefully adapted to suit the specific outdoor space, whether that be urban parks, squares, outside a public institution or a private company.

Carefully selected benches and plinths installed in attractive surroundings allow residents and visitors to town and cities to use urban spaces in a variety of different ways rather than just passing through in a hurry.

HITSA collaborates with a number of architects and designers in developing bench seating for urban spaces. The design process focuses on ensuring the individual bench is functional, but also has its own unique style and look. Whether your bench is for an urban setting, along a promenade or in a park, we can offer a bench with the perfect look.

You can find something to suit most tastes and comfort requirements among our broad range. The modern, colourful MOOVE, for example, is the perfect fit for nursery schools, schools and other locations where you want to have fun with the shapes and colours of seating. The highly traditional FJORDPARK park bench is available with or without armrests. At the other end of the scale is the classic COPENHAGEN park bench, an original design from 1886 that is an easily recognisable element of the urban landscape in the capital.

Sofa benches, wall-mounted benches and circular benches – inviting, social seating

In addition to the classic, traditional benches like COMFORT, we can also offer models with a very stylish, designer look. This includes KLARA, for example, with its rounded corners, the OPERA bench with its upright design and the circular, wooden MP bench.

We have benches that can encourage socialising and interaction in their own particular way. One good example of this is the modular ADD PLUS that allows you to combine modules to suit your requirements and create your own distinctive bench.

We also have seating that is perfect for ‘alone time’. The covered FREDE park bench provides a quiet cubbyhole, while the FJORDPARK Sun Lounger is also a good spot for time to yourself.

For those who want colour and a particular ambience, we offer TERÄS urban furniture. The TERÄS range is made from powder-coated steel. The bright colours and simple design, with a long, decorative slit as the only design detail, give the TERÄS lounge-style chair or TERÄS park bench a distinct look.

Outdoor furniture for urban spaces, squares and courtyards

Benches, plinths and chairs from HITSA have been designed to remain out of doors all year round and in all kinds of weather.

All steel components for the benches are made from hot-dip galvanised steel. We have mainly used FSC®-certified mahogany for seat and backrest slats.

Hot-dip galvanising all the steel components in our products provides several benefits: it makes the robust steel surfaces even more hard-wearing, and self-repairing in the event of minor damage. Hot-dip galvanised steel also requires minimal maintenance. And finally, hot-dip galvanising extends the useful life of products several times over.

You can also choose to have your urban furniture powder-coated after hot-dip galvanising, with a wide range of RAL colours to choose from. Depending on whether you opt for a more discreet, natural colour – or a bright colour that makes a statement – you can determine the overall look of your outdoor space.

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