AML 8T Bench


The AML 8T is a sturdy bench designed to be mounted on the wall. The wall then acts as a backrest. The bench is 1550 mm long. It is also available for embedding.

The AML 8T Bench is often used in school playgrounds – but it also has a lot of other uses.

The AML 8T is a very simple bench. The AML 8T was designed by landscape architect, Annemarie Lund. When designing urban furniture, simplicity and durability are at the heart of everything she does. And this is no less true for the AML 8T Bench. Annemarie Lund also designed the round AML Park Bench.

Wall-mounted bench in steel and FSC®-certified mahogany

The AML 8T seat brackets are made of flattened iron. The flattened iron is hot-dip galvanised which makes the seat brackets last for a very long time.

You can choose the AML 8T with its natural, hot-dip galvanised surface, or you can choose a powder-coated version to give the bench its own unique look. We powder-coat in any RAL colour.

If you choose the powder-coated version, the seat brackets are hot-dip galvanised before being coated.

The AML 8T seat consists of 8 slats of oil-treated mahogany. Mahogany requires a minimum amount of maintenance and is an extremely durable type of wood.

Use the AML 8T bench with the round AML Bench

Combining the ALM 8T Bench with the round AML Park Bench is an obvious choice, and this combination is usually placed around a tree. It can also be used in a school playground to create several smaller spaces within the outdoor area, both along the school wall and out in the open. By combining the two types of benches, you create one continuous line in the outdoor space.

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Technical drawings See drawings


• Wall-mounted bench (backless park bench)
• Available for embedding
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany
• Also available in untreated FSC®-certified mahogany
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Brackets: 65 x 16 mm flattened steel
Slats: 55 x 35 mm


• Screwed into the wall using expansion bolts 10 x 100 mm with washers
• Available for embedding
• Recommended seat height: 420 mm

AML 8T BENCH drawings


Bench, wall mounted

  • 01_AML 8T V - tegning - 1


Bench, wall mounted - for embedding

  • 02_AML 8T PL - tegning - 1
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