ROYAL Park bench


The ROYAL Plinth – or bench, if you chose the version with a backrest – is a superb example of how to achieve a total balance between design and functionality.

Although the ROYAL Plinth is a sturdy item of furniture both in terms of construction and appearance, it still manages to stay true to its stylish classic elegance.

shl design – Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects – are the creative behind the simple, elegant design look of the products in the ROYAL Series.

Park equipment designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

As an extra feature, the ROYAL Plinth is also available with integrated lighting that illuminates the ground around and under the bench. The light helps to make the square in which the ROYAL Plinth is used even more beautiful and creates a nice atmosphere, increasing the extent to which the bench is used, including after dark.

The light can be integrated into the interior or exterior sides of the frame. We offer the integrated light as an option with the plinth at time of purchase, but we can also provide this solution for installation on plinths that have already been supplied.

The ROYAL Plinth is also available with a backrest that is mounted asymmetrically in the middle of the bench.

Urban furniture in steel and mahogany

ROYAL is made of heavyweight, hot-dip galvanised steel. Choosing to hot-dip galvanise steel provides a number of advantages: The combination of sturdy steel and hot-dip galvanising gives the product an exceptionally hard-wearing surface. It also means that the frame of the ROYAL Plinth can repair any minor damage incurred. And the plinth requires only a minimum amount of maintenance. At the same time, the hot-dip galvanisation process helps extend its lifetime considerably.

The sturdy slats used in the ROYAL Plinth are made of oil-treated FSC®-certified mahogany.

Architect-designed urban furniture series

The ROYAL Plinth is part of a series developed for Søren Kierkegårds Plads (Square) adjacent to the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. In addition to the plinth and bench, the ROYAL series also consists of the ROYAL Litter Bin, ROYAL Bicycle Stand, and ROYAL Bollard. When you use these products in combination with each other, the result is a tastefully-furnished, fully functional and extremely well-designed outdoor setting.

Naturally you can also use the individual items from the ROYAL series on their own. These products are all beautiful in their own right and just as attractive and, even when used alone, will be able to elevate the overall design of any urban space.

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• Long, double-sided bench
• Optional extra: Backrest
• Optional extra: LED lights inside and/or outside
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Oil-treated, FSC®-certified mahogany
• Also available in untreated FSC®-certified mahogany
• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Frame: 150 x 50 mm
Screens: 2 mm steel sheet panel
Slats: 100 x 60 mm


• Available for embedding or bolting to the ground
• Seating height: 400 mm



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