Use, maintenance and disposal

HITSA’s products are made from robust materials, so they can stand up to regular use, as well as the wind and weather. We recommend that products and materials be regularly maintained (see guides below).

Our products are ‘made for disassembly’, i.e. they have been designed for easy disassembly with the right tools. This extends their useful life in several ways. Worn or damaged parts can be replaced more easily and materials can be sorted more easily for reuse or recycling at the end of a product’s useful life.

Existing HITSA products can often be repaired or refurbished, for example, by sanding down and re-oiling or re-coating. Please contact us if you would like a service plan.

When products are no longer needed, they can be disposed of according to the relevant waste codes and recycling fractions. Different waste collectors may utilise differing waste fractions. So always check with your waste collector if you are in doubt about waste sorting.

HITSA is FSC-certified for processing of mahogany, among other materials (see certificate here). As part of our sustainability strategy, we source FSC-certified materials where possible. Find out more about what FSC stands for here.








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