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Tree Grilles

Tree guards and tree grilles protect trees planted along streets or in parks, while adding a decorative touch.

A tree guard around a tree can be used, for example, to give climbing plants somewhere to climb. Or it can serve as a metallic design element in the urban space.

Tree guards and tree grilles provide protection from collisions and passing traffic as well as deliberate vandalism.

Adding trees and plants to urban spaces helps to beautify the urban environment and create attractive, green towns and cities. However, urban trees have a completely different existence to trees growing out in the wild. They are exposed to much more wear and tear, and sometimes even vandalism, and therefore they need protection to ensure the best possible growing conditions.

With this in mind, HITSA offers a wide selection of tree guards and tree grilles.

Our designs complement the surroundings and can serve as sculptural elements in themselves or simply blend in with their surroundings. It is completely dependent on your requirements and what fits best in the specific urban space.

Our products for protecting trees are attractive, robust and easy to maintain. And they are designed to be combined in a variety of ways, allowing you to achieve the look you want for your urban trees.

Protecting tree trunks with a tree guard

Town and cities are busy and active places, which unfortunately makes for difficult growing conditions for urban trees. There is a high risk of trees dying and having to be replaced if not properly protected against the rigours of urban life, which is a shame and takes a lot of resources. However, it is actually possible to protect urban trees.

This requires the use of tree guards, which serve as a small cage that the tree grows inside.

HITSA features a simple and highly functional tree guard in its range – IB. It protects tree trunks against abrasion of the bark and provides the best possible growing conditions for urban trees. IB provides ideal protection not just for urban trees, but also for lampposts, flagpoles and similar against collisions, vandalism, etc.

A tree grille protects tree roots and the surface layer around the tree

In addition to tree guards, which protect the trunk of a tree, effective protection is also needed for tree roots.

HITSA’s tree grilles protect the open soil around the roots of a tree and prevent the soil from being compacted. At the same time tree grilles ensure an optimal supply of rainwater, which can easily penetrate down to the tree’s roots and ensure optimum growing conditions.

We offer a broad selection of designs and dimensions in our range. This means it is possible find a tree grille suitable for any urban space

Both CADET and BARREL models are available in five different versions, round and square, which can be combined a variety of ways.

All our tree grilles are made from highly durable materials that can stand up to all kinds of weather, e.g. galvanised steel or cast iron.

They are powder-coated in RAL 9005 (black) as standard. There is plenty of scope for selecting an individual colour for your grille, so why not contact us to find out about the available options? As we apply powder coatings to our products ourselves at our own facilities, we can supply tree grilles in a colour to coordinate with both the specific setting and any other urban furniture.

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