CADET Tree grille


The CADET tree grille protects the roots and growing space of urban trees from pedestrians, road sweepers and similar. It is made from cast iron and is suitable for most surface layers.

It can be combined in five different ways. It is available as a complete square, a complete circle, a half square or a semi-circle. In addition, you can also combine a half square with a semi-circle, if that is what works best for the surrounding buildings and the surface layer.

CADET is made from solid cast iron that can stand up to all kinds of weather and is highly durable. Cast iron requires minimal maintenance, and you can therefore concentrate on looking after the tree and not the tree grille.

Cast-iron grille in a semi-circular or half-square configuration

The CADET tree grille measures 845 x 845 mm as a complete square or Ø 845 mm as a complete circle.

CADET is supplied powder-coated in RAL 9005 (black) as standard. However, there are also other options, so feel free to contact us to find out about the available options. We apply powder coatings to our products ourselves and can therefore supply CADET in a colour to coordinate with both the specific setting and any other urban furniture.

CADET has been designed by Ginman, Harboe, Borup Landskabsarkitekter, with the aim of creating a tree grille that blends with the rest of the urban space. CADET can effectively be combined with the *PIKE* tree guard.

Useful tree grille

Trees in combination with plants can be used to beautify urban spaces and create greener towns and cities. However, trees planted in urban settings are more exposed to wear and tear. It is therefore a good idea to provide protection to ensure favourable growing conditions.

The CADET tree grille has been designed for this very purpose. It is an attractive and robust cast-iron grille that protects both the tree and the surrounding surface layer.

A CADET grille installed around a tree prevents the soil around the trunk from being compacted around the roots. This means that rainwater is better able to penetrate, so the tree gets sufficient water to grow.

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• Round or square tree grille in 2 parts
• Can be combined with the PIKE TREE GUARD


• Cast iron
• Supplied in powder-coated RAL 9005 black as standard


Half-circle R: 30 kg cast iron, 845 x 423 mm
Whole circle RR: 60 kg cast iron, Ø845 mm
Half-square K: 40 kg cast iron, 845 x 423 mm
Whole square K: 80 kg cast iron, 845 x 845 mm
Half circle/square RK: 70 kg cast iron, 845 x 845 mm

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