PIKE Trellis


PIKE can be used as a stylish plant frame to create patches of greenery in the urban landscape or as a discreet tree guard.

As a plant frame, PIKE can support tall plant growth in locations where the ground – or the site – is unsuitable for planting trees. As a tree guard it is typically used around newly planted trees in urban settings.

With the aid of climbing plant frames you can easily establish green oases in the urban landscape. The plant frames can similarly be used to create a green backdrop in urban spaces. They can serve, for example, as a natural, green boundary in squares and plazas or along a pedestrian zone.

If using PIKE as a tree guard, you can effectively combine it with a tree grille like CADET tree grille or BARREL tree grille.

Two-part plant frame in a variety of sizes

PIKE is available in two sizes, both ideal as a planting frame or tree guard.
The small version is 1800 mm tall with a diameter of 438 mm, while the larger option is 1815 mm with a diameter of 530 mm. Both sizes come in two parts.

When used as a half frame, PIKE can be positioned against a wall for climbing plants to grow up.

Sturdy-construction plant frame or tree guard

PIKE can be supplied with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish, which will weather to an attractive patina over the years and enhance the urban space.

You can also choose to have your climbing plant frame with a powder coating, which can be supplied in any RAL colour. This enables the frame to be coordinated with surrounding urban furniture. Using a consistent colour for all furniture in the outdoor space gives the setting a uniform overall look; for example, choosing the same colour for planting frames as for benches and litter bins.

Regardless of whether you opt for a galvanised finish or a powder coating, PIKE will be hot-dip galvanised. Hot-dip galvanising ensures a long useful life for the product and minimal maintenance.

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Technical drawings See drawings


• Harmonious, protective shape
• Available in 2 different sizes
• Can be combined with tree grilles CADET or BARREL


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


• Ø14 mm
• Ø19 mm


Ground spike

PIKE drawings


Protective trellis - mounted with ground spikes

  • 01_PIKE_902 - tegning - 1


Protective trellis, wide model - mounted with ground spikes

  • 02_PIKE_903 - tegning - 1
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