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Planters and Trellises

Green is pleasing to the eye – trees and plants beautify urban squares, streets and plazas, bring life to urban spaces and help make cities greener. And greenery helps to create an interesting, attractive and welcoming urban space for local residents and visitors alike.

Trellises make for green cities

Not all urban spaces are suitable for planting trees, and that’s where plant frames come into their own. The frames allow plants to twine up them in a most attractive way. Climbing plant frames from HITSA come in several designs, all of which allow the plants to take centre stage, while blending into the urban landscape.

As greenery grows up the plant frames, they transform into green pillars that beautify the urban space. So the frames enable taller plant life without planting trees, allowing the creation of green oases throughout the urban landscape, even in locations with limited space.

Just as bollards can be used to divide up urban spaces, plant frames can also help to demarcate different areas and create a natural, green boundary in squares and plazas or along pedestrian zones.

When you choose to use a frame for plants to climb up, you add green pillars to the setting, which are visible from a distance and, together with trees and other plants, help to greenify the urban environment.

Green urban furniture

Climbing plant frames from HITSA are sculptural, vertical planting frames that give the plants air and support to grow. These attractive plant pillars do not take up much space in the urban environment and are available in several sizes and designs, to complement the surrounding urban furniture. MILANO is one of our popular plant frames.

HITSA’s plant frames are highly durable and will stand up to wind and weather They are made from galvanised steel, which can withstand plants growing up it year after year. Over time the frames will take on an attractive patina, which will enhance the look of the plant pillars. If you wish, we always offer the option of powder coating for our products, so you can have a plant frame that fits perfectly with its surroundings and the architecture of the urban space.

Planters for green urban landscapes

In addition to its planting frames, HITSA’s range also include planters, which, like the frames, can be used to create patches of green in the urban landscape.

The MICROHAVEN Planter is one example of an interesting planter concept. MICROHAVEN is a raised bed, often to be spotted in use by housing associations or in courtyard settings.

Micro gardens create scope for individuality in the community, while the individual gardens enrich communal areas with their diversity. Some might choose to use them as a vegetable garden, while others may create a cutting garden. In this way MICROHAVEN can help to promote and strengthen social life within the housing association – having a chat not over the fence, but over the garden.

It should be easy to take care of plants in planters, and if you want the ultimate in easy solutions, you should choose our ESKE planter. ESKE is the only one of our planters that comes with its own capillary system and overflow, making it easy to take care of the plants. With a self-watering irrigation system, the plants themselves control how much water they consume.

Like the rest of the products in HITSA’s range, our planters are made from sturdy materials that can stand up to wind and weather – and urban living. The steel components are galvanised steel, and our planters are also available in corten steel, which has a stylish rusted look.

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