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Platform equipment for Skånetrafiken

HITSA is supplying shelters and station equipment for Skånetrafiken who aims to deliver high-quality travel experience.

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Bus stops for Skånetrafiken

HITSA is supplying shelters and equipment for Skånetrafiken’s bus stops.

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Aarhus Letbane

Shelters and bicycle parking at stations on the Aarhus light rail system (Aarhus Letbane) are one example of HITSA’s long tradition of working closely with renowned design studios.

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Stockholm City tram shelter

HITSA are proud designers and producers of stop furniture for Stockholm County Council’s Spårväg City project.

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Skånetrafiken – hospital station in Lund

HITSA is supplying a total of five shelters for Skånetrafiken’s stop at the hospital in Lund.

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Public transportation in North Jutland

Bus shelters, bike parking, info signs and more were made by HITSA in cooperation with the public transportation company in North Jutland.

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Metro forecourts, Copenhagen

The Copenhagen cityscape is filled with HITSA classics.

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