Cykelparkering på Espergærde Station

Property developer:
Helsingør Municipality



FREDDY shelter,
EASYLIFT CAPACITY two tier bicycle parking,
SILHUET bicycle bollard,
AROS bicycle pump
Turnkey contract services including dismantling of existing shelters, lighting, construction, drainage and tarmac work, etc.

Espergærde Station

When the bicycle parking facility at Espergærde Station in Denmark was to be refurbished, Helsingør Municipality chose to request tenders for a turnkey contract. HITSA landed the project, an exciting collaboration that has provided 300 extra bicycle parking spaces for station users.

Gitte Sommer Haastrup-Nielsen, engineer with the Trafik, Vej og Parkering (Traffic, Roads and Parking) department at Helsingør Municipality, was in charge of the project, which was supported by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.

“We had two objectives: to encourage more people to cycle to the station and to improve user satisfaction among cyclists. We delivered 288 extra spaces for ordinary bikes and 12 new spaces for cargo bikes. Two old, unused shelters were replaced with new bike shelters, and paving, drainage, planting and lighting aspects were remodelled. Now that the work has been completed and the facility is in use, we can feel well satisfied with a successful project that has gone according to plan,” she says.

Space for more bikes and cargo bikes at station

The project comprised FREDDY shelters with EASYLIFT CAPACITY dual-level bicycle parking. Cargo bike parking has also been installed in the form of 12 SILHUET bollards. The on-site AROS bicycle pump, like the shelters and bicycle bollards, was supplied in the traditional shade of red as has been used by the Coast Line railway.

“Initial counts show that there are 10% more bikes and 21% more cargo bikes using the station now. The satisfaction survey looks at satisfaction with the possibility for mixed-mode travel, and we have gone from 64 to 69%. So those are really good preliminary results,” says Gitte.

Thomas Johnsen from HITSA is pleased with the collaboration with both the municipality and the subcontractors who were brought in for the project.

“It’s been a fun and exciting project, both because we’ve done more than just supply urban furniture and because it’s a great project to promote cycling. It’s good to know that the facility is accomplishing its purpose,” he says.

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