Dual level bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Dual level bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Dual level bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Dual level bike parking with two tiers EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Dual level bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Lots of extra bicycle parking spots with EASYLIFT CAPACITY in Björkö
Bike parking with two tiers by the sea in Björkö Sweden
Dual-level bicycle rack EASYLIFT CAPACITY in Björkö Sweden
Dual level bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Dual level bike parking
Two tier bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY
Dual level bike parking EASYLIFT CAPACITY

EASYLIFT CAPACITY Two tier bicycle parking


EASYLIFT CAPACITY offers dual-level bicycle parking, with capacity for numerous bikes in a small space. A pull-out rail with gas spring makes it easy to lift bikes onto the upper level.

EASYLIFT CAPACITY is ideal in locations where you need to make optimum use of the available bicycle parking space. The rack provides double the storage capacity per square metre. The system is modular, so it can be adapted to fit the available area, and it can be used both indoors and out.

The robust design is made from galvanised steel with red, angled handles.

Dual-level bicycle parking

EASYLIFT CAPACITY is a user-friendly and intuitive system for bicycle parking.

To access the upper storage level, you pull the red handle. Once the rail has been pulled out fully, it can be tilted down until it rests on the ground. Then set the bike on the rail with its wheels in the front and rear holders. Grasp the handle to easily lift the rail back up. The bike can then be pushed into place.

Lifting the rails up and down is effortless thanks to the gas springs. The robust design ensures a controlled overall process.

Dual-level bicycle parking

EASYLIFT CAPACITY is ideal for all sizes of tyres. The modules are available with centre-to-centre dimensions of 375 mm, 400 mm or 500 mm. EASYLIFT CAPACITY requires a height of at least 2750 mm. The system is available as both a single and double-sided model.

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of planning and installing a huge variety of bicycle parking facilities at schools, in courtyards and bicycle sheds. We are happy to help in designing the best solution – get in touch with our consultants.

EASYLIFT is available in two models: PREMIUM and CAPACITY . They are both based on the same system and equipped with gas springs. The difference lies in the design and price. PREMIUM comes with aluminium rails and has a more rounded design. CAPACITY is cheaper, made entirely from steel and has a more angular design.

Dutch company VelopA, which produces EASYLIFT, won the 2011 Red Dot Award for the design of the system.

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• Two tier bicycle parking
• Offset heights provide better utilisation of space
• Suits all types of tyre
• Modular, so can be assembled in the length required
• Steel tracks with gas springs for lifting bicycles (Max. 15 kg)
• Optional extra: Lockable clamps


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Handle in fibreglass-reinforced PA6, red RAL 3000


Distance between clamps: c/c 375 mm, 400 mm or 500 mm
Recommended clearance height: Min. 2750 mm


• Single-sided: 4, 8, 12 or 16 parking spots
• Double-sided: 8, 16, 24 or 32 parking spots


• HITSA provides installation specifications depending on the site



Two tier bike rack

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