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The circular HH20 R bicycle rack combines our stylish and practical HH20 wheel holders with a circular configuration. The rack has spaces for 18 bikes as standard. It measures 154 cm in diameter and requires clearance of 180 cm on all sides to allow access for cyclists.

HH20 R is also available as a semi-circular rack with space for 8 bikes.

Both versions of HH20 R can be produced with the number of bicycle spaces required by the customer.

This circular bicycle rack can be added to outdoor spaces in locations looking to strongly promote cycling. HH20 R provides a distinct and appealing look, creating round islands that make it easy for cyclists to park. The rack can be installed, for example, on forecourts in front of swimming pools, sports halls or schools. It adds a decorative and appealing touch, while providing bicycle parking close to the user’s destination, for example, a main entrance.

The semi-circular rack is similarly ideal to complement establishments and landscape architecture with a focus on form.

HH20 R can be cemented in or bolted to the ground.

Circular bicycle rack in a variety of sizes

This circular bicycle rack features the same wheel holders as the HH20 bike rack. They form a harmonious oval, with the two sides angled outward, ensuring they can securely grip all types of bicycle tyres. Their oval shape also ensures that the rack will not damage wheel hubs or attached lights.

The wheel holders are made from Ø 14 mm steel, while the struts are Ø 35 mm steel. The rack uses four bollards with an outer dimension of Ø 90 mm. All steel components are hot-dip galvanised.

The rack can be powder-coated, to coordinate with the design concept of the particular business or institution.

Powder coating takes place at HITSA’s painting facility in Kolding. We can offer this in any RAL colour. The rack is always hot-dip galvanised before powder coating. This provides double protection against rust and corrosion.

Making it easy to opt for cycling as a means of transport

Here at HITSA we have extensive experience of planning and installing bicycle parking. We are happy to provide advice on how to make the most of the space available for your bicycle parking facility – whilst also ensuring an attractive appearance. Get in touch with our consultants for a plan or drawing to fit your requirements.

Convenient and appealing bicycle parking helps to promote cycling. Here at HITSA we are happy to play our part in making it easier for people to opt for cycling as a means of transport. We have a large selection of products to promote cycling. See our bicycle pumps, for example, providing added convenience when out cycling and creating a positive impression at parking facilities. Or see our large selection of bicycle shelters.

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• Circular or angled bike rack
• Angled clamps that suit all types of tyre
• Allows room for lights on front wheel fork
• Also available in any RAL colour

• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


HH20 R: 18 parking spots
HH20 HR: 8 parking spots


Columns: Ø89 mm
Bars: Ø35 mm
Clamps: Ø14 mm


• Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
• Recommended base dimensions: Ø150 x H300
• Distance from ground to middle of clamp: 350 mm
• Distance from ground to lower edge of clamp: 200 mm

HH20 R drawings

HH20 R

  • 01_HH20 R - tegning - 1


  • 02_HH20 HR - tegning - 1
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