HH20 ETAGE Two Tier Bicycle Parking

Design HITSA

HH20 ETAGE is a simple dual-level bicycle rack where the cyclist manually lifts their bike onto the upper level. This makes HH20 ETAGE an economical option within multi-level bicycle parking systems.

Moreover, HH20 ETAGE requires a roof height of just 2.6 metres. The rack is therefore ideal for indoor bicycle stores at schools, stations and residential buildings, where numerous bicycle spaces are often required.

The rack can naturally also be out in the open. HH20 ETAGE is made from galvanised steel, ensuring a long lifespan in all weathers with no maintenance required. See also our bicycle shelters and shelters for outdoor bicycle parking under cover.

Multi-level bicycle rack as an economical solution

This multi-level rack is available in two different standard modules – a 2-metre-long module with 10 spaces or a 4-metre-long module with 20 spaces. This makes HH20 ETAGE an optimal and economical solution in terms of both space and money.

The modules can easily be combined to extend the storage capacity. HH20 ETAGE can simply be set up in position or bolted to the ground.

Many customers need to fit the maximum number of bicycle parking spaces into the available space. And HITSA can help with that too. We have great systems in place for planning and installing optimum bicycle parking. Get in touch with our consultants, and we can help with arranging the modules to best fit the available space. We carry out production in-house at our facilities in Latvia and Denmark and can also adapt the modules to suit customer requirements.

Durable bicycle racks to promote cycling

HH20 ETAGE is part of our HH20 range. The tall, oval wheel holders of this range are suitable for all sizes of tyres from racing bikes to mountain bikes. The wheel holder is designed so as not to cause damage to front wheel hubs and attached lights. HH20 ETAGE also holds the rear wheel in place on a simple steel rail.

HH20 ETAGE features a very straightforward design that is easy to use. The simple design also means that the rack can be powder-coated. The addition of colour will enhance the simple structure. Choose any RAL colour to fit the business’ or institution’s colour scheme. All coating takes place at our facility in Kolding, Denmark.

Easy and appealing bicycle parking helps to promote cycling. When businesses make it easier for customers and employees to opt for cycling, this also helps to fulfil the business’ sustainability objectives. See also our selection of bicycle pump stations, providing added convenience when out cycling and creating a positive impression at parking facilities.

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Technical drawings See drawings


• Two tier bicycle parking
• Offset heights provide better utilisation of space
• Angled clamps that suit all types of tyre
• Allows room for lights on front wheel fork
• Standard module with 10 or 20 parking spots
• Modules can be supplied according to the customer’s requirements
• Optional extra: Telescopic rails for lifting bicycles
• Also available with NOLI-clamps
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Frames: 50 x 50 x 4 mm
Tracks: 40 x 60 x 3 mm
Clamps: Ø14 mm
Distance between clamps: c/c 400 mm
Also available: c/c 600 mm
Recommended clearance height: Min. 2600 mm


• HITSA provides installation specifications depending on the site

HH20 ETAGE drawings

HH20 Etage 20

Two tier bicycle parking. Standard module with 20 parking spots

  • 01_HH20 Etage 20 - tegning - 1

HH20 Etage 10

Two tier bicycle parking. Standard module with 10 parking spots

  • 02_HH20 Etage 10 - tegning - 1

HH20 Etage extra

Optional extra: Telescopic rails for lifting bicycles

  • 03_HH20 Etage extra - tegning - 1
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