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The first residents moved into Engholmene in 2017. A multitude of new dwellings have been built here on islands in Copenhagen’s southern harbour area.

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Metro forecourts, Copenhagen

The Copenhagen cityscape is filled with HITSA classics.

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KLARA furniture range, Stockholm

Since 2012 the City of Stockholm has been conducting a large-scale project to renovate the waterproofing layer and strengthen the structure of Sergels Torg and several surrounding streets.

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Christianshavns Gymnasium

In 2017, the schoolyard at Christianshavns Gymnasium was remodelled.

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Enghave Plads, Copenhagen

Enghave Plads in the heart of Copenhagen is creating an attractive new urban space with 120 metres of bench seating made up of seven individual red benches from HITSA.

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Budolfi square, Aalborg

Budolfi square in Aalborg has become a green oasis for relaxation and social interaction, with benches, reclined seating and bicycle parking from HITSA.

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Stockholm City tram shelter

Veksø are proud designers and producers of stop furniture for Stockholm County Council’s Spårväg City project.

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City square in Solrød

På Strandvejstorvet og centergaden i Solrød Strand er der tænkt på at få møbler, belægning og planter til at spille sammen.

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VEKSØ and HITSA have merged

Urban furniture suppliers VEKSØ and HITSA have merged by January 1st 2021. Together, we are now an even larger and more versatile supplier of bike racks, shelters, bollards, litter bins and urban furniture.

Under the name of HITSA, we strive to satisfy our customers with well-designed, high quality products.

Our product lines have not changed, neither have the staff. Contact us like you would normally do. Find the products you know + new ones here at

Welcome to HITSA!