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COPENHAGEN park benches
COPENHAGEN litter bins
NOLI bike racks

Metro forecourts, Copenhagen

The Copenhagen cityscape is filled with HITSA classics. And we are delighted to now also be providing equipment for the forecourts of the 17 new stations on the Metro’s Cityringen (circle line).

Locals and visitors to the city can leave their bikes in NOLI racks, sit and relax on COPENHAGEN benches and toss their litter in COPENHAGEN litter bins.

The forecourts on the other metro lines have also been furnished by HITSA, so the products are familiar to many local residents. Choosing this particular urban furniture gives the squares a classic and uniform look. The quality of the products means that they can stand up to the rigours of city life and the Danish weather year after year.

For HITSA, it’s a pleasure to be part of the urban landscape in the capital, including the new metro forecourts.

Take a look at the specially designed red benches on the metro forecourt at Enghave Plads.

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