Litter bin in public park in Copenhagen
Litter bin with logo in urban space
COPENHAGEN litter bin in stainless steel with logo


Design HITSA

The COPENHAGEN litter bin with top opening features attractive workmanship and is designed for urban living. It has been designed and produced to the same high standard of quality characteristic of all our litter bins: with the COPENHAGEN we have created a robust and reliable litter bin made from strong materials with a design and finish that ensures it is ideally suited to the task and will stand up to many years of use.

The COPENHAGEN is our own design, developed in close collaboration with the City of Copenhagen, hence the name.

The first COPENHAGEN litter bins were installed in Copenhagen decades ago. Today this litter bin can be spotted in countless locations throughout the urban landscape of Copenhagen, often in combination with the classic, historical COPENHAGEN park bench. Over the years the COPENHAGEN has proved its worth and quality.  It is an extremely durable litter bin that effortlessly stands up to the rough treatment to be expected for such outdoor equipment.

Ease of use and maintenance with the COPENHAGEN litter bin

The COPENHAGEN not only makes things easy for local residents, it has also been developed with a strong focus on ease of use and maintenance. A variety of subtle design details make it easy for service staff to empty the bin. The top cover opens without a key, which saves strain on employees’ wrists when frequently emptying numerous bins. The inner container features a collar at the top, which is easy to grip when wearing work gloves.

Get a customised litter bin

The COPENHAGEN litter bin with top opening can have a city or corporate logo incorporated. The customer can also opt for a perforated or non-perforated outer casing.

The top cover and casing of the COPENHAGEN litter bin are made from 2 mm stainless steel, available either glass-blasted or glass-blasted and powder-coated in a variety of colours.

The bin has a base of 4 mm stainless steel and can be supplied for bolting to the ground or with a base suitable for embedding/concrete foundation, depending on needs and requirements.

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• 60 litre capacity with top access
• 60 litre capacity plastic bin
• Casing is available smooth, perforated or in your own design
• Optional extra: Integrated ashtray
• Also available in any RAL colour
• Opens without use of a key


• Peened stainless steel
• Also available in powder-coated stainless steel
• Inner container in black, rotation-moulded plastic


Lid/casing: 2 mm steel sheet panel
Socle: 4 mm steel sheet panel


• Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
• Recommended base dimensions LxWxH: 300 x 300 x 600 mm
• Concrete socle for bolting fast can be purchased separately
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 680 mm



  • 01_COPENHAGEN - tegning - 1


Litter bin with 60 litre capacity and top throw. Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation.

  • 02_COPENHAGEN 60l UA - tegning - 1


Litter bin with 60 litre capacity, top throw and integrated ashtray.

  • 03_COPENHAGEN 60l MA - tegning - 1
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