LOUISE Litter Bin

Design HITSA

The LOUISE litter bin has a top opening. This makes it easy for users to dispose of their rubbish from any side of the bin.

The LOUISE litter bin is particularly useful for waste management in urban spaces and parks. It is also a popular choice for residential areas.

The bin is available with or without an ashtray, which is integrated into the top. If supplied with an ashtray, it is very easy to empty this when emptying the bin.

LOUISE features an attractive and simple design. We have a similar bin available with a side opening instead, the CHRISTIAN litter bin.

Latch makes bin emptying even easier

When emptying the LOUISE bin, it opens with a triangular key. The top cover is attached by a hinge and easily tilts up, so the bin can be emptied by pulling the bag up. When the cover is closed again, it locks automatically. So there is no risk of forgetting to lock it after emptying.

The bin bag in the LOUISE bin sits inside an inner container, which is hot-dip galvanised like the bin itself.

A high-quality, durable litter bin

The LOUISE litter bin is made from 2 mm steel plate that comes in a smooth or perforated finish. It can be supplied with a plain hot-dip galvanised look or powder-coated in any RAL colour.

All our steel is hot-dip galvanised, including products that are subsequently powder-coated. This provides two layers of protection against rust.

LOUISE can be bolted to the ground or cemented in.

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• 60 litre capacity with top access
• Optional extra: Integrated ashtray
• Also available in any RAL colour
• Opens with a triangular key – locks automatically when closed


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Casing: 2 mm steel sheet panel
Lid: 3.5 mm plate and 33 mm steel tube
Inner container: 1.5 mm steel sheet panel
Socle: Ø194 mm steel tube


• Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
• Recommended base dimensions: Ø300 x H500 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 716 mm

LOUISE drawings


Litter bin with 60 litre capacity and top throw. Wrapping is available as smooth, perforated or in your own design.

  • 01_LOUISE 60l - tegning - 1


Litter bin with 60 litre capacity and top throw. Without ashtray. Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation.

  • 02_LOUISE 60l UA - tegning - 1


Litter bin with 60 litre capacity and top throw. With integrated ashtray. Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation.

  • 03_LOUISE 60l MA - tegning - 1
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