FJORDPARK 4 Litter Bin

Design VE2

FJORDPARK 4 is a range of litter bins available in three sizes: FJORDPARK 4 MINUS, 4 and 4 PLUS.

The middle version, FJORDPARK 4, has a capacity of 80 l. The FJORDPARK 4 range has been designed by VE2.

The FJORDPARK 4 litter bin comes with a side opening. The customer can decide whether to have one or two side openings. A side opening guards against birds scavenging in the bin and also stops rain getting in. The top cover can be supplied with an ashtray, if required. An extra compartment can also be purchased for depositing returnable bottles and cans.

The FJORDPARK 4 litter bin is made from 3 mm steel plate, which is subsequently powder-coated in RAL 7021 as standard. We can also supply FJORDPARK 4 in other colours, or just with a plain hot-dip galvanised finish, or in corten steel.

It can be supplied with a smooth or perforated finish. If you require something other than standard perforation, please contact us to find out about the available options.

The FJORDPARK 4 litter bin is a popular option for waste management in the urban environment and in parks. The design is simple, and the bin is robust and durable.

FJORDPARK 4 is userfriendly in urban spaces and parks

Our FJORDPARK 4 litter bins have been designed for extremely user-friendly emptying. It makes everyday life easier for service staff, particularly if needing to empty numerous litter bins in the course of a day.

Once the bin has been unlocked using the triangular key, one side opens out towards the user. A hot-dip galvanised bag ring is attached to the hatch. It also has a circular base that supports the bin bag. The ring holding the bag can be swung further out, so the bag hangs free.

If the bin has been supplied with an ashtray, this can easily be emptied into the bag before replacing it.

After emptying, the ring can be swung back in and the bin closed up again. It locks automatically.

FJORDPARK 4 is a litter bin that lends itself to sensor-controlled emptying, with a sensor on the inside of the top cover that indicates when the bag is full.

The outdoor litter bin is made for longevity

Like our other litter bins, the FJORDPARK 4 is hot-dip galvanised, before being powder-coated. Hot-dip galvanising ensures a high level of quality and a long useful life for our litter bins. Even if the powder coating gets damaged, the hot-dip galvanising ensures that the steel plate retains its strength.

Our FJORDPARK 4 litter bin can be cemented in or bolted to the ground, to suit customer requirements. An optional ratproof base (with scope for incorporating a trap) can be purchased.

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• 80 litre capacity with single or double-sided side access
• Casing is available smooth, perforated or in your own design
• Left-handed lid with bag holder for easy emptying
• Optional extra: Integrated ashtray, socle to fit a rodent trap
and holder for recyclable items
• Also available in any RAL colour
• Opens with a triangular key – locks automatically when closed


• Hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium
• Also available in Corten steel (casing and top)
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel, and aluminium


Lid/casing: 3 mm steel sheet panel
Top: 3 mm rolled aluminium
Socle: Ø273 mm steel tube


• Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation
• Recommended base dimensions: Ø400 x H500 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 910 mm

FJORDPARK 4 drawings


Litter bin with room for 80 liters of waste. Left-hinged door with bag holder for easy emptying. Wraps are available as smooth, perforated or to your own design

  • 01_FJORDPARK 4 - tegning - 1


Litter bin with 80 litre capacity and double side throw. With or without integrated ashtray. Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation.

  • 02_FJORDPARK 4 80l 2S UA MA - tegning - 1


Litter bin with 80 litre capacity and single side throw. With or without integrated ashtray. Available for embedding or bolting to the foundation.

  • 03_FJORDPARK 4 80l 1S UA MA - tegning - 1

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