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MAJA Q Park Bench (special edition)
LINN Planter (standard and special edition)
LINN Table and Bench Set
FJORDPARK Sun Loungers
FJORDPARK 4 Litter Bins

Outdoor environment at Hansenberg, Kolding

At Hansenberg in Kolding, a disused beach volleyball court has been transformed into a beautiful recreational area that appeals to young students during breaks in the school day. Hansenberg is both a vocational school and a technical high school.

The area has been furnished with FJORDPARK sun loungers and LINN table and bench sets in corten steel and mahogany, making it the perfect place to hang out or just eat your lunch. FJORDPARK 4 litter bins provide waste management, and LINN planters add a sense of atmosphere. A large circular bench can be used for outdoor teaching.

Building coordinator Hans Christian Hartung has led the process of transforming the volleyball court into an outdoor environment.

“We wanted to create a great place for young people to hang out, but not one with traditional tables and benches. It had to be a little bit different. So we asked for proposals, with the proposal from HITSA being clearly the most imaginative. It was also well visualised, so it was easy to see what their intentions were,” he says.

“It was important that the furniture was easy to maintain and that it was vandal-proof. And we also liked the fact that HITSA is a local company that works with sustainability,” says Hans.

The name HANSENBERG is laser cut out of both the furniture and litter bins. In this way, the new outdoor environment is specific to the school and helps to reinforce the school’s own identity.

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