COMFORT litter bin seen next to COMFORT bench for urban spaces
Small litter bin seen next to park benches
COMFORT litter bin seen next to a park bench

COMFORT Litter Bin


The COMFORT litter bin is made of quality materials that suit the classic design of this small bin.

With its 30-litre capacity, COMFORT is a small and stylish bin. It is ideal for environments where you do not want a large waste bin filling up the cityscape or landscape. The low height of the litter bin means that you can see over it for an attractive view. Its height also means that you can easily put something in the rubbish bin while sitting down next to it, for example on the matching COMFORT park bench.

The COMFORT litter bin is ideal for situations where you expect small quantities of individual items of rubbish, but still want to give users easy access to dispose of their waste. Such situations include at park entrances and exits, by lakes and rivers, and other places where you want to make sure that users will be able to find a litter bin.

The litter bin has the same characteristic frame as the COMFORT bench. It fits well with the bench’s curved, organic design language. When placed together, the two have a pleasant and cohesive appearance.

Small litter bin that fits with the COMFORT bench

The litter bin’s opening is at the top. The top plate slopes towards the centre hole so that waste is fed down into the bin. COMFORT can be supplied with an ashtray built into the lid.

Like the COMFORT bench, the COMFORT litter bin is made of quality materials. The entire litter bin is in hot-dip galvanized steel, and can be powder coated in any RAL colour.

The COMFORT litter bin is always supplied with a smooth casing.

The bin is emptied from the top. A square key must be used for emptying. The lid locks itself when closed.

This litter bin requires embedding for installation.

The COMFORT products have been designed by Ginman, Harboe, Borup Landscape Architects.

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• 30-litre capacity with top opening
• Smooth casing
• Optional extras: Integrated ashtray
• Also available in RAL colours
• Opens with a square key – locks automatically when closed


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel
Inner container of rotation-moulded plastic


Casing: 1.5 mm steel plate
Top cover: 1.25 mm steel plate
Support post: 7mm angular steel


• Can be cemented in
• Recommended base dimensions LxWxH: 600 x 300 x 600 mm
• Distance from ground to upper edge: 625 mm

COMFORT drawings


Small waste bin with capacity for 30 litre waste. Ashtray can be integrated into the waste bin.

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Available for embedding

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