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Solrød Municipality

2021, 2023


Waste sorting in Solrød Municipality

Since 2021, Solrød Municipality has been working on providing waste-sorting facilities in public spaces. As part of these efforts, FJORDPARK MILJØ recycling bins have been sited at a number of locations around the town centre and at stations.

Initially, Solrød Municipality borrowed a single FJORDPARK MILJØ bin as a trial, and 14 recycling bins were subsequently installed at Solrød Center. As of August 2023, there are more than 40 FJORDPARK MILJØ bins in Solrød Municipality.

The FJORDPARK MILJØ bins in Solrød are divided into compartments for three waste fractions – plastic, glass/metal and general waste. Each waste fraction has its own bag colour. The bags are collected in the same cart when emptying and separated again by colour once they reach the waste depot.

Solrød Municipality on the project:

Helle Post, project manager in the department for technical and environmental services at Solrød Municipality at that time, was in charge of the project. She says:

“We wanted a bin with a single-sided opening because we know from experience that birds get into ones with a double-sided opening. It was also a requirement to be able to throw litter into the bin without touching it, so no lid. We also had requirements regarding aesthetics and integration into the urban landscape. And finally, it ideally had to be a recycling bin that could be adapted for new requirements in the future,” explains Helle.

“The big challenge is getting people to sort correctly. Unfortunately, items frequently end up in the wrong bags. We are now trying to remove the non-recycling bins from the town centre, so that there is no doubt that you have to sort. We will also provide more information, both in the media and on the actual bins. Solrød Municipality has a clear goal to be a green, sustainable municipality, so there is no room for doubt. We need to ensure waste sorting in urban spaces is a success,” she says.

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