Property developer:
Municipalities of Aarhus, Norddjurs, Syddjurs and Odder
Aarhus Letbane

C.F. Møller Design


Custom made park benches,
litter bins,
bicycle bollards,
bike racks,
air pumps,
bike shelters

Aarhus Letbane

Shelters and bicycle parking at stations on the Aarhus light rail system (Aarhus Letbane) are one example of HITSA’s long tradition of working closely with renowned design studios.

Together with C.F. Møller Design, we have developed a special range of products that feature simple and elegant Nordic style, while effortlessly blending in with the existing look of Aarhus Letbane.

We chose to collaborate with C.F. Møller Design on this project, since they possess an exceptional understanding of the production process and deliver crisp and straightforward Nordic style that fits well with the overall look of the light rail system. When viewing the two designs side by side, you can clearly see the common theme.

Jon Brøcker, Head of C.F. Møller Design, explains the solution:

“We decided at an early stage to expand on the concept of the broad, slim column that can be seen as a simplified graphic metaphor for the light rail system. We use the column as a robust, structural basis for all elements in the range. We create interest by combining the robust weight of the column with the transparent brackets, giving the range a sense of character and serving a variety of practical purposes.”

We have supplied benches, litter bins and covered bicycle parking with stands, pumps and racks for the areas around the stations. We have also provided shelters, benches and litter bins for the actual platforms at several stations.

The materials involved are untreated, FSC®-certified mahogany and hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated steel. Each municipality can choose its own colour scheme for the equipment, to ensure it fits with the overall local design concept.

In addition to playing its part in the design process, HITSA has been responsible for construction, production, powder coating and installation. In other words, we have been involved right from initial concept through to unveiling of the completed project.

You can also see C.F. Møller Design’s description of the project here.

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