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Sweco Engineering

Specially designed shelters for bus and tram stops

Skånetrafiken – hospital station in Lund

HITSA is supplying a total of five shelters for Skånetrafiken’s stop at the hospital in Lund. The shelters are for both bus and tram stops, and all feature a high level of quality, comfort and functionality.

The tram shelters incorporate a special ‘nose’ that both indicates it’s a tram stop and which direction the tram is travelling.

The shelters come with bench seating, standing seats, integrated LED lighting and an OrganoWood ceiling. They are also equipped for heating, information screens and digital information provision.

Multi-year framework agreement for 250,000 passengers

HITSA and Skånetrafiken have a multi-year framework agreement for delivery of shelters for rail stations, bus and tram stops. As modern mini waiting rooms with heating and wifi, the shelters are an important element of Skånetrafiken’s vision to deliver ‘world-class public transport’. HITSA has been chosen as the supplier, since we can cover all stages of the process – from design and construction to production, installation and further development. HITSA serves not only as the supplier, but also as a sparring partner in a close, long-standing collaboration. Skånetrafiken transports 250,000 passengers on a daily basis.

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