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Skånetrafiken, municipalities

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Custom-designed shelters, benches, bike racks, litter bins, signs, etc.

Bus stops for Skånetrafiken

HITSA is supplying shelters and equipment for Skånetrafiken’s bus stops. HITSA offers three levels of complete solutions for bus stops – rural, standard and express buses.

The rural solution includes a small shelter, a bench, a litter bin and bicycle parking, if required.

With the standard option, a larger shelter is typically needed, offering greater comfort and again a bench, a litter bin and bicycle parking, if required.

The express bus solution is used for direct bus routes, with limited stops and potentially longer waiting times. This solution, which comprises a large shelter with built-in benches and bicycle stands, is available with sliding doors. For the waiting area, you can add benches, litter bins, bicycle stands and bicycle parking for passengers.

Skånetrafiken aims to deliver a very high-quality travel experience. Anders Servin, project manager at Skånetrafiken, says:

“We don’t differentiate between train and bus passengers in terms of our stop experience. Skånetrafiken takes care of the entire journey – from the moment you leave home until you arrive at your destination. Passengers should feel safe, secure and welcome when waiting for one of our buses.”

Multi-year framework agreement for 250,000 passengers

SWECO has designed the bus shelters and equipment with a focus on comfort, safety and accessibility.  HITSA has been involved from the outset, including planning the design.

“Right from the off, we have been completely satisfied with our collaboration with HITSA. They listen, provide prompt feedback and can make quick decisions. HITSA is very solution-oriented. There is a mindset and culture of ‘we’ll find a solution’,” says Anders.

The bus stops are part of a multi-year framework agreement between Skånetrafiken and HITSA for delivery of shelters for train stations, bus and tram stops. HITSA will cover all stages of the process – from design and construction to production, installation and further development. Skånetrafiken is a regional transport company, serving 250,000 passengers on a daily basis.

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