SVENDBORG is a large and roomy climbing plant frame in hot-dip galvanised steel that opens out at the top. The frame is a useful solution for outdoor environments where the ground is not suitable for planting trees, but you would still like an easy way to establish green oases in the urban landscape.

Plant frames like SVENDBORG can be used to create a green backdrop in urban spaces. They can serve, for example, as a natural, green boundary in squares and plazas or along a pedestrian zone.

Create green urban spaces

Using plant frames together with trees and planters is an obvious solution for creating green urban spaces.

The plant frames can be used, for example, in locations not suitable for planting trees. As plants grow up the frame, it is transformed into a green pillar in the urban landscape. This allows tall greenery, even in locations where the ground – or the site – is unsuitable for planting trees. Green oases make any urban space or outdoor environment more interesting and welcoming for both local residents and visitors alike.

The SVENDBORG planting frame is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. It is 2869 mm tall with an internal diameter of 548 mm. The external diameter is 1550 mm.

The SVENDBORG plant frame is for cementing in – and with its sturdy construction this will give you a highly durable frame that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Plant frame to match surrounding urban furniture

SVENDBORG can be supplied with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish, which will weather to an attractive patina over the years. However, you can also choose to have your climbing plant frame with a powder coating.

No matter which option you choose, SVENDBORG will be hot-dip galvanised, which ensures a long useful life for the product. Galvanised steel virtually never wears out, requires almost no maintenance, and means that you can count on having a product that will last you for many years to come.

We can offer any RAL colour. This provides great scope for ensuring a uniform look for your outdoor space.

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Technical drawings See drawings


• Funnel-shaped trellis
• Supplied in three sections
• Also available in any RAL colour


• Hot-dip galvanised steel
• Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


Ø10 mm
Ø19 mm
Ø42 mm


• Embedment

SVENDBORG drawings


Funnel-shaped trellis

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