IB træværn enkelt eller dobbelt

IB Tree Guard

Design GBL A/S

IB protects urban trees, lampposts, flagpoles, etc. from collisions and passing traffic.

IB is formed from heavy-duty tubular steel and curves around the tree. It has a simple and discreet look with minimal details. It is designed to be the optimum height for protection against vehicle bumpers. If protection is needed all the way round a tree, two guards can be installed.

IB is available with or without an extra cross-bar. The two tree guards are the same height.

The product is supplied for cementing in. It is 40 cm wide and the height above ground is 80 cm.

Tree guard in hot-dip galvanised steel – available in any colour

IB is made from Ø 48 mm tubular steel that has been rolled and subsequently hot-dip galvanised.

Hot-dip galvanising protects the steel against rust and corrosion. It ensures a long useful life for the product with minimal maintenance.

The tree guard can also be supplied in hot-dip galvanised, powder coated steel. We can apply a powder coating, in any RAL colour, at our painting facility in Kolding. This enables the product to be matched with the design concept of a particular municipality, business or housing association.

Here at HITSA we hot-dip galvanise all steel components in our products, whether they are subsequently powder-coated or supplied with a plain, hot-dip galvanised finish. This gives the products extra protection against rust.

Tree guard for urban trees

IB protects urban trees against collisions, vandalism and similar. HITSA offers many other products to enhance urban spaces and outdoor life. See, for example, our *low fence* for edging and demarcating flower beds or lawns. And see our *barriers*, which serve a useful function as boundary markers for paths and communal areas near apartment blocks, for example.

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