TYPE C Barrier

Design HITSA

HITSA’s C5 barrier features the same straightforward design as our STOLTUR and STERKUR bollards. The barrier has four locking positions and is suitable for padlocking. Type C barriers can be ordered in lengths of up to 3500 mm, and can be used for regulating and blocking access in locations where vehicle access is required at certain times.

The C barrier is typically used, for example, across a slipway in a harbour area or an entrance that is only used occasionally. C5 can be opened for emptying litter bins or launching a boat.

When open, the C5 barrier can be locked in four positions – 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees. C5 remains stationary without a latch post. This makes it an excellent choice as a barrier for areas where access is required on a regular basis.

Reflective strips can be purchased in white, red or yellow.

C5 is a solid barrier with a barrier arm made of Ø 76 mm tubular steel. The barrier is up to 3500 mm in length, with a height of 1 m.

Padlocks are not included.

As the C5 has been designed to match the style of our STOLTUR and STERKUR bollard range, it can be supplemented with additional access restriction products in the form of round top or flat top bollards for a coherent look.

Barrier in hot-dip galvanised steel

The barriers in HITSA’s range are produced at our own steelworks. We can always adapt the lengths of our barriers to suit customer needs. Contact us for a chat about the available options.

C5 is made from galvanised steel, which will weather over time, while retaining an attractive look. Hot-dip galvanising protects against rust and ensures excellent durability and minimal maintenance for outdoor products.

If you require a different colour for your barrier to the plain, galvanised finish, C5 can be ordered with a powder coating. This is available in any RAL colour of your choice, and the barrier is hot-dip galvanised before powder coating, ensuring the same level of robustness and durability.

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    Technical drawings See drawings


    • Swing barrier
    • 4 locking positions – suitable for padlocking
    • The length can be adjusted to suit customer requirements
    • Max. length: 3500 mm
    • Optional extra: Red, yellow or white reflective strip
    • Also available in any RAL colour


    • Hot-dip galvanised steel
    • Also available in powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised steel


    Barrier arm: Ø76 mm steel tube
    Cross-bar: Ø48 mm steel tube
    Outer post: Ø170 mm steel tube
    Inner post: Ø153 mm steel tube


    • To be embedded
    • Recommended base dimensions: Ø400 x H900 mm
    • Distance from ground to top edge: 1000 mm

    TYPE C BARRIER drawings

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